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Derrick Monasterio

Derrick Monasterio

Gabbi Garcia

Gabbi Garcia

Gabbi Garcia 2

Gabbi Garcia 2

Miguel Tanfelix

Miguel Tanfelix

Miguel Tanfelix 2

Miguel Tanfelix 2

Renz Valerio

Renz Valerio

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Charee Pineda 2

Charee Pineda

Charee Pineda

Miggy Jimenez

Miggy Jimenez

Ruru Madrid

Ruru Madrid

Show business may seem to be all about glitz and glamour. But what is often unknown to many is that life in the showbiz industry is tough. The long work hours, sometimes crazy schedule, and the hard work needed to pull off a good performance can really take up an artist’s time and energy.


However, despite the demands of the industry, a number of GMA Artist Center stars still manage to prioritize their education. Meet these Kapuso artists who recently celebrated their graduation, and get to know their thoughts on how taking the extra mile to finish school while juggling with work is worth it.


For teen idol Ruru Madrid, he considers education as the primary thing he should be focusing on. He devotes his time on studying, and it helps him develop a sense of self-discipline. This has become useful to him at work since he knows how to manage his time wisely. He shares, “Para ka ring nag-aaral kasi ‘pag nasa work.  You have to memorize your lines and dapat maintindihan mo talaga yung instructions and yung gusto ninyong ma-achieve sa eksena.  In a way, may similarity yung discipline ng acting and studying.”


School also taught Ruru a sense of achievement. He believes that dreams can only be achieved if one works hard for it. “Lahat naman siguro kami ito ang pangarap, yung pumasa at maka-graduate. Pero hindi mo makukuha ‘yun ng basta-basta. Kaya ang sarap pala ng feeling na nakamit mo yung goal mo sa buhay because of hard work and perseverance.  It makes your achievement sweeter kasi alam mong pinaghirapan mo.  Kaya, ito rin yung gagamitin kong motivation sa work ko as an artist.  I really have to work hard and develop my craft para maging isang mahusay na actor.”


Ruru’s on-screen partner Gabbi Garcia also finished high school recently. Gabbi, who has been a consistent member of her school’s student council, wants to continue with her studies and to fulfil her dream of being a pilot.


She admits that time management can be a bit challenging for her, but her parents are always there to guide her.  She shares how they appreciate all of her achievements and at the same time, keep her feet on the ground, and she wants to impart something with her fellow celebrities who are studying and working at the same time.


“I was taught that it is important to respect each and every one, as well as to be God-fearing. Being in the industry isn’t forever. Iba pa rin ‘pag nakapag-aral. If you really want to study while working, there will always be a way. You just have to be focused and determined in reaching your goal, and that is to graduate,” affirms the Kapuso actress.


Miguel Tanfelix, who also finished high school this year, shares his secret in maintaining balance between work and school.

“You have to plan your schedule for the week para alam mo kung kelan ka nasa work at ano yung time mo para mag-aral.  Marami ka ring sacrifice na dapat gawin. Walang imposible pag ginusto mo, so you got to have to the right motivation to make it work.  Pag nasa taping naman ako, I focus myself dun sa mga eksena ko and the way I act.  I guess the key is, you have to focus on what you do,” the Kapuso actor recommends.


It is a big help for Miguel that he didn’t get special treatment in school. He takes pride in having a normal life in school, and he feels glad to have a set of friends who supports him in both school work and celebrity-related commitments. He claims that having this set-up in school taught him how to deal with different people and develop self-discipline.


Both Derrick Monasterio and Miggy Jimenez take their modules to work as they study in between takes. And their hard work finally paid off as they are now ready to take the next step.


Derrick is planning to take up Law at San Beda College. And since he is busy with work, he knows that this will not be easy, “Nothing worth having comes easy, so if you want to achieve something, you have to work hard for it.”


Miggy, who was recognized in school as the most talented and most behaved, believes that celebrities should still know the value of education. “This is something you cannot exchange for anything, and you should never give up on your dreams. Strive hard so you can make it,” the teen actor shares.


Renz Valerio did not only graduate, he was even given a special academic citation and academic excellence awards. On learning one significant lesson from school, he shares that it is only ourselves who can lead our way to success. He claims, “Success starts with you. I had to struggle my way to finishing high school because there were lots of trials, but I am thankful to have had them because they have given me the opportunity to know who my true friends are. It revealed people who will always be there for me, such as my family. With these challenges, I managed to strive harder and finish high school with flying colors.”


Renz also shares that priorities should be well thought of, and education should always be on top of the list, “While your career may be something great, education will always be the greatest thing you will ever have. Always remember to have faith in yourself, because no one else will make the move for you. Lastly, have faith in God, because He always got good plans for each of us. It is just up to us on how we will reach the finish line.”


Finally, Charee Pineda shares her joy and pride after finishing her bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Aside from several showbiz commitments, Charee keeps herself busy in public service as she is currently a councilor in Valenzuela City.


For the Kapuso actress, being able to finish college amidst work difficulties is already an achievement and considers herself lucky to have supportive people in her life. “Communicating well and having an efficient support system, which are my family and staff, were and will always be best for me in dealing with work and school,” Charee closes.


The importance that these Kapuso artists give to having a good education serves as a much needed breath of fresh air to the industry. May they serve as an inspiration not only to their fellow celebrities but also to the rest of the young people to always keep their eyes on the prize.


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I have traveled a lot, to different countries/cities, and I have notice that there is great disparity between us, and some of our closest neighbors.

We are being left behind by our neighbors. Let me sight some examples. In Hong Kong, there are free wi-fi connections in public areas, such as public parks, and public libraries. Even buses have free wi-fi connection, although you have to accept the terms and conditions to access the free wi-fi connection. In Hong Kong and Singapore, the public transportation system is impeccable. The trains are clean, on time, and well ventilated. There is seldom traffic congestions in the roads. Safety, and cleanliness, are perfect. You can walk around in the wee hours of the morning, and you would not be scared of getting mugged or hold up.

We shouldn’t allow ourself to be left behind. We should accept technology, and the advancement it provides us.

We should have had an internet capable government offices, if the ZTE broadband deal was to have been completed, but due to the discrepancies, and the uncovered corruption of the Arroyo administration, the deal was dropped.

We should have quality roads and infrastructures, due to the donations and assistance of our neighbors such as Japan, but due to corruption, and self enrichment, we are left with dilapidated roads and infrastructures.

We should as a people, be wary of the people who govern us. We should be wary of the mistakes they have committed in the past, and not forget it. We should not vote for those who should not be voted. We should as a people guard our freedom, our future, and our country from enemies not only foreign, but also domestic. We should vote for what is right! We should vote for politicians, who will bring about positive changes to our country, bring advancement in technology, mass transportation, health care, and other fields. We should vote for politicians, who will give us jobs, food for our table, shelter for our families, and education for our children.

Make the change you want want to be! Start it with you!

The representative of Albay, spoke with me this October, and he told me that scholarship is open to the constituents of Albay, who cannot afford to send their children to school.  They are currently accepting applications.

Simply fill up a bio data with all the necessary informations, such as full name, address, contact telephone number, age, etc., and send it to the following address, #51 Green Lane, Jamora Subdivision, Cabangan, Legazpi City 4500 Phils., or call the following numbers, +6352 4805216/+6352 4806415, for more information.

After screening they will contact you if you are one of the thousand of successful applicants.

Remember this is open to all legal constituents of Albay!

Travel Photography Scholarship 2010 – Kingdom of Bhutan

Join an on-assignment National Geographic photographer in Bhutan!

Applications close October 17, 2010, National Geographic ChannelJoJo’s Adventures Bhutan are giving one exceptional individual the chance to go on assignment with renowned wildlife photographer Jason Edwards to The Kingdom of Bhutan – land of the Thunderdragon!

This your chance to photograph the deeply spiritual and mystical Bhutan as it slowly opens up to the modern world, maintaining a strong balance with its ancient traditions. Nestled in the Himalayas, bordering India and China, 65% of Bhutan is under forest cover, making its pristine ecology home to rare and endangered flora and fauna.

To help you take the best photos, the scholarship recipient will receive AU$2000 worth of Pentax photographic equipment of your choice.

Your best photos will be published on the National Geographic Channel’s websitewhere they will be viewed by thousands of travellers worldwide, offering you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get your foot in the door of one of the most revered exploration organisations in the world!

Highly regarded for his wildlife and remote landscape photography, Jason Edwards is represented by National Geographic Image Collection.

Your Assignment Brief

* We’ll fly you in from your country of residence to Paro, Bhutan where you will meet your JoJo’s Adventure guide for your 7 day trip. You’ll need to be available to be in Bhutan between December 5 – December 12, 2010.

* On the trip, which has been specifically designed for the assignment,you will work alongside Jason Edwards photographing rare and endangered wildlife in the Phobjikha Valley including the White Bellied Heron(there are only 200 left in the world, and 30 live in this valley)Black Necked Cranes. The trip will also include historical architecture and traditional Bhutanese culture.

* You will gain invaluable mentoring and hands-on experience in everything from shot set up, technique and composition through to insights into his many years of diverse experience as an award winning photographer.

* Your assignment will involve observing and assisting Jason as well as undertaking your own photographic work. This will involve long days chasing the perfect shot!

* You will keep a daily diary about your time on the trip and upload this to a travel journal, including pictures you’ve taken.

* On your return you will submit your top photographs to National Geographic Channel for publication on Anna Zhu’s photos, our winner from 2009, and her exhibition at Michaels)

* Most of all, you’ll be experiencing what it’s like to be a photographer-on assignment with National Geographic!

Who can apply

* Anyone can apply – this is open to photography students, lovers of photography or anynon-professional trying to kickstart a career in travel photography.

Minimum age 18 with a good level of fitness as there is trekking involved.

* This is a global opportunity – you may apply from any country.

* You should be an exceptional photographer with a lust for adventure, ambition to grow your photographic skills and forge a career in Travel Photography, and of course a desire to travel to Bhutan.

* Remember this is a scholarship, a learning experience, and therefore will not be suitable for professional or Semi-professional photographers.

* Find out more about eligibility in our FAQ video blog

Apply now

Please look carefully at the 4 steps required to complete your application.
If your photos are not ready, we suggest you come back later to complete this entry.

1. Shoot a series of photos (maximum of 5) that tell a story about a place you have visited. ‘Place’ may be anywhere; somewhere in your own community or much further away. The judges will be looking for:

* originality
* ability to convey a story through photos
* excellent technique

Please see our FAQ video blog about the theme, making digital adjustments and Jason’s judging criteria.

2. Add your photos to Firstly create a journal, which is where your photos will be hosted, and fill in the entry form. Upload your photos either as a Flikr set or directly in the journal. (If you are already a member or have a journal, please sign-in.)Please don’t remove the tags and title of the journal we have set up for you – this is how we find you.

3. Tell us in 300 words or less about your photos and why you should be chosen. Your written response will have significant weighting in the judging process, so think carefully about why you should be chosen. Remember this is a learning opportunity, not a junket for professional photographers.

4. Finally the legal bit. You know the Terms and Conditions of entry.

One entry per person

Applications close: Midnight, October 17, 2010 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

The recipient of the Scholarship, along with the best entries will be published on on November 1, 2010.

Check out our finalists and shortlist from 2009 along with judge’s comments.

More Questions?

Take a look at our FAQ’s video blog which provides more details on the task, technical guidelines, judging criteria, eligibility and more.

Photos courtesy of Christopher Potter