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Heart Evangelista as Dwarfina

GMA-7’s DWARFINA scores big success in the race for primetime supremacy, according to ratings data from the more recognized research agency Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

The Heart Evangelista and Dennis Trillo-starrer, which tells of the fascinating journey of a girl barely the size of a finger, holds the top spot in the  January 1 – 14 ratings chart (based on overnight ratings data) for Mega Manila and Total Urban Luzon.  Total Urban Luzon accounts for 77 percent of urban television households nationwide.

DWARFINA debuted at number 1 with a strong 15.4 Mega Manila people rating – beating all counterpart programs – last January 10 and has since then continued to register consistent and staggering high numbers.

Moreover, the pilot week, which saw the birth of the young heroine and how she was slowly accepted by her loving parents despite her size, earned an easy weeklong victory with DWARFINA consistently outshining all other primetime programs.

Heart and Dennis in Dwarfina

This week, young Yna, after being saved by Elvin and Duwentukin, crosses over from the earthly world to the land of the duwendes. Yna wakes up clueless and wanting to return to her family.

Meanwhile, Calixto (Jestoni Alarcon) and Abiana (Jackielou Blanco) are worried more than ever about losing their reign to Romera (Angelika dela Cruz). This was after Romera exposed the royal couple’s secret about using a gwendikam to present their princess. Could Yna be the answer to the looming problems that continue to threat the duwende kingdom?

The larger-than-life adventures of Yna can be seen worldwide on GMA Network’s flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV. Call your preferred pay TV operator now to subscribe.

GMA 60 Years. Touching Hearts. Enriching Lives.

Aljur Abrenica as Machete

GMA PINOY TV infuses new life into the well-renowned Pablo S. Gomez comics series about a wooden sculpture that comes alive at nightfall with its upcoming fantasy-drama, MACHETE. The highly anticipated unveiling happens on January 26.

Bela Padilla as Aginaya

Aljur Abrenica evolves from being Starstruck’s Ultimate Hunk to becoming a full-fledged television hunk as he portrays the coveted role of Machete, his biggest role to date. It is with great pride that the homegrown Kapuso actor dons the celebratedbahag, which was first worn by – and which escalated the star status of now multi-awarded and fellow Kapuso – Cesar Montano and Gardo Versosa back in the early 90’s.

In this modern version, Machete is brought to life by the fortuitous artworks of two beautiful women – Rosella, a sketcher, played by Bela Padilla and Marla, a sculptress, portrayed by Ryza Cenon.

Bela Padilla as Rosella

Born with a rare skin disease, Rosella is often ostracized by others and so she spends most of her time drawing in the woods. She earns a living by selling her sketches to publishers and artists like Marla, a talented and successful sculptress who uses Rosella’s artworks as basis for her statues.

As Rosella continues to find sanctuary in the forest, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to one particular tree with alibata carved on its trunk. From then on, the image of a handsome and strong man would appear to her in her dreams. But with each dream comes a sad ending with the man being stabbed with a dagger right through his chest. Rosella draws this image and keeps it, as she has no plans of selling it to her clients.

Gwen Zamora

Meanwhile, Marla is planning to open an exhibit influenced by the age-old mysteries surrounding the “haunted” forest. Incidentally, she finds Rosella’s drawing and is inspired to carve it in wood. After much persistence, she convinces Rosella to sell her the drawing and sculpts it using Rosella’s favorite tree.

Marla successfully completes the statue in full detail – dagger and all – and names it “Machete.”

By an unexpected turn of events, Machete astoundingly transforms into a living, breathing human being. Memories of a past love come rushing through Machete’s mind, signaling the start of his unfinished and unrelenting quest for his greatest love.

Polo Ravales

What could be the real reason behind the dagger buried in Machete’s chest? And why is Rosella so passionately drawn to the tree the same way that she was drawn to the man in her dreams? Could there be a deeper and unexpected connection among Rosella, Marla, and Machete? Will Machete succeed in fulfilling his mission with his second chance at life and love?

Completing the cast of MACHETE are Ryan Eigenmann as Karum, a ruthless warrior from Machete’s past life; Gina Alajar as Elena and Noni Buencamino as Carlos, Rosella’s parents; Rio Locsin as Divina and John Arcilla as Alfonso, Marla’s parents; and in a special cameo appearance Zoren Legaspi as Malyari, Machete’s father; playing equally important characters in the life of Machete

Rio Locsin

are Polo Ravales as Zander, Marla’s ex-boyfriend and henchman; Chariz Solomon as Candy, Marla’s househelp and Rosella’s best friend; Rocky Gutierrez as Lucco, Marla’s bodyguard who is secretly in love with her; Gwen Zamora as Serena, a young curator and anthropologist; Karen delos Reyes as Bugan, a princess and Machete’s admirer in the past; and Stephanie Henares as Valerie, Marla’s socialite friend.

Meanwhile, the statue of Machete to be used in the program was skillfully chiseled by no less than National Artist Napoleon Abueva’s team of expert sculptors led by his son, Lawin.

Ryza Cenon

While the movie versions leaned towards the more daring side, this television remake directed by Don Michael Perez and Gina Alajar and written by Renato Custodio Jr., delves into the action-packed adventures, the historical backdrop, and the heartrending romance, which fill the life of the audacious and handsome warrior.

Pinoy viewers may catch the international premiere of MACHETE on January 26, only on GMA Pinoy TV. Call your preferred pay TV operator now to subscribe.

Rocky Gutierrez

Ryan Eigenmann

Chariz Solomon

Stephanie Henares



Louise delos Reyes as Adana

Alden and Louise

GMA Pinoy TV ushers in the New Year with an original afternoon offering about a young girl’s quest on confronting a dark curse that lies within her. Join Tween star Louise delos Reyes as she shows off her acting chops in the compelling drama titled ALAKDANA beginning January 26.

This new series marks Louise’s first lead role after she charmed audiences as one of the phenomenal Kapuso Tween Royalties in Reel Love. As she breathes life to the character of Adana who is born with a scorpion tail on her body, Louise will be joined by an A-list roster of cast headlined by Jean Garcia as Teresa, Adana’s devoted mother; Matthew Mendoza as Vergel, Adana’s father; Jobelle Salvador as Zoila, owner of the golden scorpion; and three equally admired leading men who will become Louise’s love interests in the show: Paulo Avelino as Billy, Adana’s one true love; Ritchie Paul Gutierrez as Gabriel, Billy’s best friend who will also fall for Adana; and introducing newcomer Alden Richards as Joma, childhood friend of Adana who is secretly in love with her.

Joining the cast of Alakdana are Ian de Leon as Rico, Adana’s policeman friend turned enemy;Racquel Montesa as Ate Olga, Teresa’s aunt; Karla Estrada as Madam

Jean Garcia as Teresa

Greta, Billy’s mother;Joanna Marie Tan as Veronica, Zoila’s daughter; Eunice Lagunsad as Weng, Adana’s confidant; and with the special participations of Perla Bautista as Inay Ising, Adana’s grandmother and Junee Gamboa as Ermitanyo.

Alakdana opens with the story of Vergel, an affluent businessman who falls in love with the family’s lowly helper, Teresa. Despite the extreme difference in their lifestyles, they managed to keep their affair strong but hidden from Vergel’s parents.

But the couple’s fairytale romance is suddenly jeopardized with the arrival of ZoilaVergel’s childhood friend and ex-girlfriend who is still head-over-heels in

Jobelle Salvador as Zoila

love with him. Zoila wants Vergel back so bad that she seeks the help of an ermitanyo who reveals to her the magical powers of a golden scorpion.

Zoila sets forth to the cave to capture the dreaded creature and whispers to it her wish to get Vergel back into her life. The scorpion bites Vergel which poisons his memory. Zoila, likewise, orders the venomous arachnid to sting Teresa and put a curse on her.

Zoila succeeds in her devious schemes with Vergel calling off his wedding with Teresa and eventually reuniting with his childhood

Joanna Marie Tan as Veronica

sweetheart. While Teresa is left wallowing in grief, her woes are aggravated further when she finds out she’s pregnant with Vergel’s child.

Her nightmares are far from over when she gives birth and discovers her cursed child who possesses a scorpion tail. In spite of her unusual feature, Teresa promises to raise her baby with unconditional love and gives her the name Adana.

Regardless of her mysterious tail, Adana grows up to be a compassionate and God-fearing child. This is despite the countless taunts she receives from her playmates who are curious over her choice to wear long skirts. During these hard

Junee Gamboa as Ermitanyo

times, Adana finds comfort and protection in Joma, her childhood friend who is always ready to defend her.

But an unfortunate tragedy alters the life of Teresa and Adana. One night, Teresa’s malicious neighbor, Mando, tries to rape her. Adana witnesses this and instantly, her deadly stinger is ready to strike Mando.Teresa stops her from killing Mando who already sees her scorpion tail.

Mando spreads the word about her tail and soon, Teresa and Adana find themselves on the run for their lives. How will this crisis change the fortune of Adana and Teresa? Will Adana find out about her

Ian de Leon as Rico

real father and the woman responsible for her curse? If Adana doesn’t find a cure to her scorpion tail, will someone still love her for who she is? Who among Billy, Gabriel, and Joma will win Adana’s heart?

With multi-awarded director Mac Alejandre at the helm, another riveting drama series gets to touch and inspire all Kapuso viewers abroad beginning January 26 only on GMA Pinoy TV. Call your preferred pay TV operator now to subscribe.

Karla Estrada as Madam Greta


Ritchie Paul Gutierrez as Gabriel


Why I Love Misibis?

January 18, 2011 — 1 Comment


Misibis Bay

I have visited Misibis before, and I would really love to visit it again.  The experience and pleasure of visiting it is beyond words! All aptly put, it is perfect, it is divine! From the time you arrive, to the time you leave, you are pampered all the way! From the food, to the beach, to the pool, to the facilities, to the staff, everything is impeccable! It seems like leaving Misibis would make you cry.


I made a poem to show how I love going back to Misibis!

Why do I love Misibis? Let me count the ways!

I love Misibis, as the sun perfectly rises and sets here!

I love Misibis, as the food here is divine!

I love Misibis, as the beach is so fine!

I love Misibis, as it is quiet and serene!

I love Misibis, as there in no place like this!




The Philippine Consulate General is pleased to invite you to attend a breakfast meeting with Presidential Spokesperson, Hon. Secretary Edwin Lacierda, at 8.30 a.m. on Friday, 21 January 2011, at the Consulate General Conference Room.


The meeting will be an opportunity to exchange views with Secretary Lacierda on issues and concerns of the administration of President Benigno S. Aquino III, particularly those that are of interest to Filipinos abroad.


For administrative purposes, please confirm your attendance by replying to this email or calling 2823-8536 (attention Ms. Dela Cruz or Ms. Celis) on or before Thursday, 20 January 2011.


17 January 2011


Mike Enriquez People of the Year!

GMA Network continues its winning streak at the start of the New Year after two of its prime talents were recently honored as People Asia Magazine’s “People of the Year 2010” last January 10 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Pasay City.

Multi-awarded broadcast journalist and GMA News pillar Mike Enriquez and primetime dramatic leading man Dingdong Dantes were included in the prestigious list of awardees who made a significant difference in the lives of Filipinos last year.

The magazine cited Enriquez, GMA Senior Vice-President for Radio and one of Reader’s Digest Top 15 most trusted Filipinos, for his outstanding contribution in public service through the public affairs program “Imbestigador” as well as his unwavering commitment to Serbisyong Totoo as one of the anchors of GMA’s flagship newscast 24 Oras and as host of his radio program “Saksi sa Dobol B.”

After more than a decade of hosting Imbestigador, Enriquez has remained steadfast in his vocation of providing assistance to the

Dingdong Dantes People of the Year!

plight of ordinary Filipinos who are in need. His passion for excellence and dedication to his craft earned him numerous awards and citations including Best Newscaster in the Asian Television Awards; Best Newscaster For Television and Best Public Affairs Host for Radio in the Golden Dove Awards; Anak TV Seal Award For Child Friendly Television Host; and Gandingan Award For Best Investigative Program Host, just to name a few. Also, he recently received an award for Best Television Host from the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) and was given the Vocational Excellence Award from Rotary Club.

Meanwhile, Dantes was recognized for his selfless advocacy to promote the welfare of the youth through his YES Pinoy Foundation. Founded in August 2009, Dingdong has been a staunch supporter of educating and providing scholarships for young people in order to realize their dreams and ambitions.

When Typhoon Ondoy hit the country two years ago, Dingdong together with the officers of Philippine Marines, led Yes Pinoy Foundation’s relief operation in Rizal. He also partnered with National Book Store’s Project Aklat which donated school supplies and study kits for the typhoon victims. At present, Dingdong continues with his “Oplan Restore Paaralan” campaign aimed at rebuilding typhoon-damaged schools.

GMA 60 Years. Touching Hearts. Enriching Lives.

Aside from his humanitarian works, Dingdong is known as one of GMA’s ace and award-winning actors who has various feats and accolades tucked under his belt. These include Favorite Television Actor Award in the First Annual Fil-Am Visionary Awards; Best Supporting Actor nomination in the 56th FAMAS Awards; Best Drama Actor Winner for “Stairway To Heaven” in the 24th PMPC Star Awards for TV; and Best Actor nomination for “Stairway to Heaven” in the 15th Asian Television Awards. Currently, Dingdong is set to star opposite Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez in the romantic-comedy series “I You Pare” this February.

Also in the list of notable awardees are Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile; Miss Universe fourth runner-up Venus Raj; fashion designer Josie Cruz Natori; furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue; floral architect Rachy Cuna; fashion designer Rhett Eala; musician Ryan Cayabyab; architect Felino Palafox Jr.; founder of the Tuloy Foundation Fr. Rocky Evangelista; and Philippine Airlines (PAL) president and CEO Jaime Bautista. People Asia also acknowledged Thierry Tea, president and CEO of Eurocopter Philippines, who mobilized his helicopters for rescue missions during typhoon Ondoy.

Pinoy viewers abroad can catch Mike Enriquez and Dingdong Dantes on GMA Network’s flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV.

Raffy Tima and Mariz Umali

More than five million pesos in cash and prizes – which include motorcycles, scholarships, kabuhayan showcase, and thousands of gifts for an entire community – have all been given away to deserving families and communities via Philippine television’s first ever Christmas reality series, PUSO NG PASKO Artista Challenge.

The final challenge – aired last January 1 on GMA Pinoy TV – brought home a tricycle and P100,000 in cash to Violeta Guevarra’s family through the efforts of celebrity challengers Raffy Tima and Mariz Umali.

Second prize – P50,000 worth of kabuhayan showcase and P50,000 in cash – went to Alex Jesus Bautista’s family, thanks to celebrity challengers Ervic Vijandre and Heart Evangelista; and third prize – P20,000 worth of groceries plus P5,000 worth of appliances and P25,000 in cash – went to Cris Valdez through celebrity couple Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz.

Winners during the earlier challenges include Teresa Martinez’ family and the community of San Jose Montalban Rizal which won P100,000 and an STI scholarship (for the partner family), and 1,000 pairs of shoes (for the partner community) through the efforts of celebrity challengers Aljur Abrenica and Bianca King.

GMA 60 Years Touching Hearts. Enriching Lives.

Jonathan Manaois’ family and the community of Banaba, San Mateo Rizal won P100,000 and one motorcycle (partner family), and 100 bikes (partner community) through celebrity challengers Carl Guevarra and Jennica Garcia; and Alex Jesus Bautista’s family and the community of Joan of Arc, Gulod, Novaliches Quezon City received P100,000 and P150,000-worth of Kabuhayan Showcase (partner family), and 500 half-sacks of rice (partner community) through Ervic and Heart.

Other earlier winners include Violeta Guevarra’s family and the community of Purok 4, Zone 8, Cupang, Antipolo City which received P100,000 and an STI scholarship (partner family), and  1,000 pairs of shoes (partner community) through Raffy and Mariz; and Tess Carolino’s family and the community of Talipapa, Novaliches Q.C. which won P100,000 and one motorcycle (partner family), and 100 bikes (partner community) through celebrity challengers Mike Tan and Sam Pinto.

Flora Rubio’s family won an STI scholarship and the community of Metro Heights Compound Brgy. Culiat, Quezon City won 1,000 pairs of shoes thanks to celebrity challengers Fabio Ide and Gwen Zamora; Emanuel Bagual’s family won a motorcycle and the community of Evangelista St., San Bartolome, Novaliches Quezon City won 100 bikes thanks to Rocco Nacino and Kris Bernal; and Cris Valdez’ family received P150,000-worth of appliance showcase and the community of Julian Felipe Blvd. Cavite City got 500 half-sacks of rice thanks to celebrity challengers Cesar and Sunshine.

With GMA Pinoy TV’s PUSO NG PASKO Artista Challenge – hosted by Vicky Morales and Richard Gutierrez as main hosts and Rhian Ramos and Drew Arellano as challenge hosts – the CHRISTMAS spirit of giving and sharing has never been more exciting and heart-warming. A total of 24 Kapuso stars played in pairs and performed various challenges to win cash and different prizes for their partner family and community.

The partner families were chosen from hundreds of entries that comprise of the “most deserving” families—those that have done good deeds for others or their community.