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GMA Pinoy TV

Spice up your weekdays beginning April 4 with GMA Pinoy TV’s latest talk show that provides fully-loaded dose of entertainment, news, and exciting segments staged live outside the studios and right where the people are!

Offering fresh and unscripted talks, STARBOX is a trendy talk show which strives from its unique and lively concept of engaging the

Ali Sotto and Papa Jack

common people’s participation – residents, commuters, or passersby – right where they are – on the streets, markets, malls, etc. The topics range from today’s latest events and newest personalities to the most controversial issues in and around the Philippines which appeal to different generations of viewers – young and old.

STARBOX is hosted by Ali Sotto and Radio DJ Papa Jack together with two of the hottest members of the boy group XLR8, MM and MJ. By involving the audience in the show’s


discussions, the hosts allow them to share their individual perspectives and unfiltered opinions on various featured headlines. The chemistry and undeniable humor which the hosts and the show’s format bring to the table are sure to provide a different kind of energy to the viewers’ mornings with GMA Pinoy TV.

STARBOX also connects the viewers through various social media links like Facebook and Twitter. This encourages people, wherever they are, to become active participants in the discussions, exchanging opinions and viewpoints.

Catch STARBOX beginning April 4 on GMA Pinoy TVCall your preferred pay TV operator now to subscribe.


GMA Pinoy TV

Nearly five years after its original television debut, CAPTAIN BARBELL takes flight once more as GMA Pinoy TV launches the exciting new sequel to the action-adventure series on March 30. The story promises to be more exciting, and the visual effects more amazing, as the greatest Pinoy superhero returns with a new league of extraordinary beings with astounding superpowers.

Richard as Captain Barbell

Richard Gutierrez reinterprets his role as the superhero Captain Barbell, and his alter ego, Teng. While Richard has immensely grown as an actor, so did Captain Barbell, who is now set to take on a greater mantle of protecting good from evil, still bearing of course, his iconic red cape.

Solenn Heusaff

The story picks up where it left off from the first series with Teng and his besotted Leah (Rhian Ramos) settling down in the city. But their simple life takes a dark turn when Leah is killed and becomes a heart donor to an undisclosed recipient.

In the spirit of true heroism, Captain Barbell fights through his sorrow and continues his quest for peace and order. He meets his strongest opponent in Nero (Christopher de Leon), an evil genius who became rich through his malevolent ways. Teng, on the other hand,

TJ Trinidad

clashes with Gregor (TJ Trinidad) whose father owns the tenement where Teng lives.

Meanwhile, during a freak storm formed by Nero, Captain Barbell helps a woman give birth in the tenement. This woman soon dies thus leaving Teng with the responsibility of taking care of her daughter, whom Teng names Leah or Lelay (Jillian Ward). At the same time, a strong lightning strikes Teng’s barbell, which in turn spreads unique superpowers among some of the tenants.

Eddie Gutierrez

Years later, these tenants begin to discover their newfound gifts with some of them choosing to harness their superpowers for good, others for evil. One of them is Gregor, who has grown more jealous and hateful towards Teng. Gregor teams up with Nero, and along with the other supervillains, declares war against Captain Barbell.

On the other hand, General Armando (Eddie Gutierrez), a rich philanthropist, joins forces with Captain Barbell and urges him to pool together the new league of

Michelle Madrigal


As Captain Barbell/Teng braves the dark forces, he also struggles with matters of the heart as he tries to uncover whom between his kind next-door neighbor Melanie (Isabel Oli) and Lelay’s school teacher Althea (Lovi Poe) received Leah’s heart. He also crosses paths with two other ladies who likewise play important roles in his life – his arrogant boss Anita (Michelle Madrigal) and the avid news reporter Jana (Solenn Heusaff).

With his extraordinary strength, unmatched fighting

Lovi Poe

skills, and nearly invincible armor, can Captain Barbell together with the Liga ng Kalayaan successfully take down the supervillains, and defend his name as the ultimate protector of peace? How will he uncover the identity of Leah’s mysterious recipient? Which superheroes will form the Liga ng Kalayaan and who will side with the evil Nero?

Four lovely and capable actresses, Isabel Oli, Lovi Poe, Michelle Madrigal, and Solenn Heusaff play significant roles in Teng/Captain Barbell’s life, while lovable child wonder Jillian Ward stars as the superhero’s sidekick/pseudo-

Jillian Ward

adopted daughter. Rhian Ramos reprises her role as Leah in the pilot week of the show.

Led by veteran actor and Richard’s real life father Eddie Gutierrez, the Liga ng Kalayaan are Bianca King as Lary, General Armando’s fearless assistant; Mike Tan as Teban, a former thief-turned-ally of Captain Barbell; Jake Vargas as Alden, a young superhero with a top as his weapon of choice; Bea Binene as Misha, another young superhero who wields power with her sword; andFrencheska Farr

Bea Binene

as Celina, the superheroine with a sonic voice.

On the other side, multi-award-winning actor Christopher de Leon heads the supervillains as Nero. Joining him are TJ Trinidad as Gregor, Teng/Captain Barbell’s fiercest enemy next to Nero; Paolo Paraiso as Rodel, the sandman;Akihiro Sato as Bruno, the hulkman; Elvis Gutierrez as Gaston, Gregor’s collaborator in spreading evil; Ervic Vijandre as Ricky, the flash; Sam Pintoas Sammy, the age-

Christopher de Leon

shifting supervillain; Ellen Adarna as Kat, the undecided sexy superhero; and Jon Hall as Rob, Anita’s egotistic business partner.

Completing the star-studded cast are Marky Lopez as Hekki, Jana’s assistant; and Ces Quesada as Tiya Lita, Lelay’s manipulative aunt.

This modern interpretation of the Mars Ravelo classic takes it a notch higher as it utilizes cutting edge 3D technology and computer-generated images or CGI in retelling the legendary story. Story-wise,

Mike Tan

2011’s CAPTAIN BARBELL promises to be more dramatic, action-packed, and fast-paced than ever.

The production design is by Australian production designer Peter Collias who also designed the sets of international blockbusters “The Matrix” and “Moulin Rouge”, together with his Filipino counterpart Digo Ricio. The

Akihiro Sato

costumes are manufactured by Hong Kong based costume maker Emily Lai of Cubedecor, while the script is written by senior creative consultant RJ Nuevas under the creative guidance of Jun Lana. Singing the theme song “Sandata” is the Pinoy rock band Shamrock.

Ace director Dominic Zapata, who has helmed top-rating fantseryes such as Mulawin, Darna, and the first Captain Barbell, will direct this CAPTAIN BARBELL sequel.

Marky Lopez

Witness the soaring and much-awaited comeback of CAPTAIN BARBELL onMarch 30 on GMA Pinoy TV! Call your preferred pay TV operator now to subscribe.

Frencheska Farr

PARTY PILIPINAS 1st Anniversary

GMA 60 Years. Touching Hearts. Enriching Lives.

This Sunday (March 27) on GMA Pinoy TV, get ready for the biggest party of the year as PARTY PILIPINAS marks its 1st Anniversary with non-stop celebration happening live, simultaneous in Cebu City, Davao CityBaguio City, and in GMA Network.

Dubbed as “PARTY BUONG PILIPINAS”, prepare for an all-out historic entertainment as the brightest and hottest Kapuso stars unite for full-blown live performances around the Philippines that will send thrills and delights to everyone.

All roads will lead to Cebu City’s famous landmark, Fuente Osmeña Circle, as the powerhouse cast of GMA’s much awaited action-adventure series, Captain Barbell, joins the festivities. It will be an unforgettable Sunday afternoon for the Cebuanos as Richard Gutierrez together with Lovi Poe, Rhian Ramos, Solenn Heusaff, Sam Pinto, Isabel Oli, Bianca King, Michelle Madrigal, TJ Trinidad, Jillian Ward, Frencheska Farr, and Mr. Christopher de Leon heat up the anniversary celebration in the city. Joining them are Louise delos Reyes, Paulo Avelino, and Alden Richards who topbill the afternoon drama series, Alakdana. Today’s most wanted teen idols Julie Ann San Jose and Elmo Magalona will also fire up the party along with Janno Gibbs, Jaya, Jay R, Kris Lawrence, Krista Kleiner, the Sexbomb Dancers, and the Manoeruvres.

Meanwhile, the whole Sayaw Pilipinas crew composed of Mark Herras, Ynna Asistio, Sarah Lahbati, Steven Silva, Enzo Pineda, Rocco Nacino, Sef Cadayona, Winwyn Marquez, Yassi Pressman, Diva Montelaba, and Mayton Eugenio will bring the groove to the historic Rizal Park in Davao City. My Lover, My Wife’s Maxene Magalona and Luis Alandy are also expected to bring the temperature to its hottest point as they perform for the Davaoeños with Kris Bernal, Mark Bautista, Rachelle Ann Go, Jolina Magdangal, the La Diva, and Party Jock Gino Quillamor.

Magic Palayok’s real-life sweethearts Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann will lead the battalion of Kapuso stars in the anniversary presentation in Melvin Jones Grandstand in Burnham Park, Baguio City. Joining them are Iza Calzado, Katrina Halili, Rochelle Pangilinan, Ryza Cenon, LJ Reyes, Jay Perillo, and Geoff Taylor. Together with party jocks Bela Padilla and Rico Robles, GMA’s hottest teen pop group XLR8, Team Mars, and Addlib will surprise their fans in Baguio City with their explosive moves plus Tweens Bea Binene, Jake Vargas, Joyce Ching, and Kristoffer Martin in their special production numbers.

Leading the pack of Kapuso celebrities in GMA Network’s Studio 7 are I You Parelead stars Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Dingdong Dantes, Spooky Night presents Bampirella prime star Marian Rivera, Dwarfina’s Heart Evangelista and Dennis Trillo, Captain Barbell’s Akihiro Sato, Paolo Paraiso, Jon Hall and Ervic Vijandre, and the phenomenal Tween Royalties Barbie Forteza, Joshua Dionisio, Lexi Fernandez, and Kylie Padilla. Ogie Alcasid together with Aljur Abrenica, Kyla, Jennylyn Mercado, Glaiza de Castro, Gian Magdangal, Pop Girls, Marc Abaya, Hannah of Session Road, Kat Agarrado, Miguel Escueta, Julian Trono, Carl Acosta, Artstrong, RPM, MXMVMNT, and The Hotlegs will bring the house down with their explosive song and dance numbers with party jocks Raymond Gutierrez, KC Montero, Andi9, and Tim Yap.

Catch GMA Network’s A-list of star force and join in the biggest TV spectacle this Sunday, March 27, as PARTY PILIPINAS’ 1st Anniversary grand nationwide celebration airs worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV. Call your preferred pay TV operator now to subscribe.



Carmina and Pekto

With 258 episodes and counting, public affairs program DAY OFF continues to give out treats to hardworking people who are well deserving of a break from their daily routine on GMA Life TV!

Entering its sixth year on television – with the wacky tandem of Carmina Villaroel and Pekto as hosts – DAY OFF promises not only to add more to its 260 lucky day off winners, but also

Carmina and Pekto

feature exciting twists and new segments which will definitely make viewers look forward to Mondays even more.

Instead of the usual lone winner, DAY OFF doubles the number of winner, making it two per episode! The show also now features two switches as Carmina and Pekto each have to fill in the shoes of the chosen winners and perform their tasks while they enjoy a whole day of fun and much needed break.

Carmina and Pekto

Easy or not, each switch comes with a twist. Unlike before, Carmina and Pekto now have to perform their partner’s tasks with added distractions! It could be frogs around Carmina while she is doing laundry or an industrial fan blowing air while Pekto is cooking. The tasks will definitely become more challenging for the two hosts!

Besides Carmina and Pekto, another special

Carmina and Pekto

character also makes the winners’day off more enjoyable every episode – Super P! With Super P, each winner is sure to feel panalo and pampered on their rest day.

Meanwhile, DAY OFF also introduces a new segment which provides treats not just to two chosen winners but to the whole barangay – “Sugod Barangay”! The DAY OFF van brings a group of masseuse, hairdressers, and make-up artists to different barangays to treat the hardworking housewives to a free hair cut and make-over!

Watch out for all these treats and twists in DAY OFF only on GMA Life TV! Call your preferred pay TV operator now to subscribe. Viewers may also send in their DAY OFF nominees – their relatives or friends in the Philippines whom they feel are deserving of a day off treat – to


GMA Pinoy TV

Beginning April 2, GMA Pinoy TV will serve a different kind of Saturday series with its new horror-comedy show, SPOOKY NIGHTS!

In SPOOKY NIGHTS, a story runs for a number of weeks and is replaced by a new one with a different cast once it finishes. Although the stories have slightly scary themes, they are sure to be funny and wacky!

Marian Rivera in Bampirella

For its first offering, SPOOKY NIGHTS features “Bampirella” – a vampire tale that deviates from the overly dramatic or commonly freaky vampire stories these days. Bampirella is a female vampire who used to be a mere human until she was cursed to transform into a “beautiful yet undead creature” every time the clock strikes twelve midnight.

Kapuso primetime queen Marian Rivera plays the lead character of Bampirella or Cindy. Although Marian already plays comic on GMA Pinoy TV’s hit sitcomShow Me Da Manny, her portrayal in “Bampirella” is still

Gelli De Belen in Bampirella

distinct because of the conflict between her two characters – Cindy is naturally loving and generous but the curse turns her into the scary Bampirella.

Cindy works in a chocolate factory where Mitch (Gelli De Belen) is the manager. Unknown to Cindy, Mitch is a cunning witch who later curses her to be an ugly human during daytime. By nightfall, she goes back to being beautiful but also becomes a vampire.

Being cursed, Cindy has only one way to be human again – to find her true love. However, she has to suck

Isabel Nesreen in Bampirella

the blood and the life out of this man to really break Mitch’s curse.

Will Cindy ever find her true love being an ugly lady during day and a scary vampire at night? Can she take his life once she finds him? Or will she choose to live a cursed life than to kill her one true love?

See a funny take on vampire stories and witness how true love can overcome even the craziest curse!

Adding kilig and fun to Cindy’s otherwise dark world are

Marc Abaya in Bampirella

two hot Kapuso stars –Marc Abaya stars as Armand, the rocker vampire who wants to own Cindy, while Mikael Daez plays Michael, a dentist who volunteers himself to be her one true love. Another admirer in a special role as Alfonso is Dingdong Dantes, Cindy’s ex-boyfriend.

Completing the cast are Gladys Guevarra as Rosario, Cindy’s best friend; Ken De Leon as Angelina and Jervi Li as Megan Pak, Mitch’s sidekicks; and the cuteIsabel Nesreen Frial as Eya, Cindy’s sister.

Mikael Daez in Bampirella

With director Albert Langitan at the helm and Senedy Que as Head Writer,SPOOKY NIGHTS PRESENTS: BAMPIRELLA can be seen by Filipino viewers worldwide beginning April 2 (Asia Pacific and Middle East) and April 3 (U.S. and Canada) on GMA Pinoy TV.


GMA Pinoy TV

All systems go for the much-anticipated comeback of the greatest Pinoy superhero before the month of March ends. Years after its original inception on television, CAPTAIN BARBELL returns – bigger, better and more star-studded than ever before.

Captain Barbell

Richard Gutierrez reprises his role as Captain Barbell and his alter ego, Teng, and is now joined by a new league of extraordinary beings with unique superpowers. Fresh from the rousing success of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown and his Valentine movie My Valentine Girls, the sought-after Kapuso actor once again dons the iconic red cape and protects good from evil.

“We’re all very excited to share with our televiewers the product of our hard work. If they were able to enjoy the original series, surely they’ll find the sequel more exciting. We incorporated a lot of high-tech elements, interesting characters, and bigger action sequences into the storyline”, shares Richard.

In this version, Teng/Captain Barbell will have not just one, but four leading ladies – Isabel Oli, Lovi Poe, Michelle Madrigal, and Solenn Heussaff. Adorable child wonder Jillian Ward plays Teng’s sidekick and pseudo-adopted daughter.

Veteran actor and Richard’s father Eddie Gutierrez leads the Liga ng Kalayaanas General Armando, while multi award-winning actor Christopher de Leonstars as the evil nemesis of Captain Barbell, Nero.

Completing the cast are TJ Trinidad, Bianca King, Sam Pinto, Mike Tan,Marky Lopez, Ces Quesada, Elvis Gutierrez, Paolo Paraiso, Akihiro Sato, Frencheska Farr, Bea Binene, Jake VargasErvic Vijandre, Jon Hall, and Ellen Adarna.

To match the powerhouse cast, this CAPTAIN BARBELL sequel will feature a highly-sophisticated production design courtesy of Australian production designer Peter Collias, who also designed for international blockbusters “The Matrix” and “Moulin Rouge”. The costumes, meanwhile, are manufactured in Hong Kong by Walt Disney costume maker Emily Lai of Cubedecor.

Premiering on March 30 on GMA Pinoy TVCAPTAIN BARBELL will once again be directed by skilled director Dominic Zapata.

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Eat Bulaga contract signing

In a contract signing held on March 11 at the GMA Network Center, GMA Network and TAPE Inc. officers sealed their partnership for the airing of the hit noontime program, EAT BULAGA.

The extension contract will see the program staying with the Kapuso Network until 2015. Both GMA Network and TAPE Inc. are very happy and proud with the contract renewal and are confident that the partnership will grow even stronger in the years to come.

Present during the contact signing were (front row from left) GMA Network SVP for Corporate Services Group Felipe S. Yalong, President and COO Gilberto R. Duavit, Jr., Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon, TAPE Inc. President and CEO Antonio P. Tuviera, and SVP and COO Malou Choa-Fagar. Present also to witness the contract signing were EAT BULAGA “Dabarkads” Anjo Yllana, Sen. Tito Sotto, Joey de Leon, Vic Sotto, Jimmy Santos, Ruby Rodriguez, and Allan K.

EAT BULAGA, the longest-running number one noontime variety show in the Philippines, is seen worldwide via GMA Network’s flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV.


Please kindly pray for the safety of our relative/friends/acquaintances in Japan. They have been struck by a magnitude 8.8 earthquake. Please extend any help you can.

GMA 60 Years. Touching Hearts. Enriching Lives.

Isabelle Daza Contract Signing

GMA Network formally welcomed Isabelle Daza and Andrea Torres as its new Kapuso artists yesterday, March 8.

Isabelle – finally following in the footsteps of her mother, Ms. Universe 1969 and award-winning actress Gloria Diaz – will soon be making her debut on GMA Pinoy TV’s Sunday musical-variety show Party Pilipinas and will also be part of boxing champ Manny Pacquiao’s upcoming show. Andrea, meanwhile, who was part of the youth oriented show Ka-Blog and has starred in movies like Shake Rattle and Rolland You To Me Are Everything, will soon appear in the upcoming projects of the network.

Andrea Torres Contract Signing

Present during Isabelle’s contract signing (left photo) were Leo Dominguez (Isabelle’s manager), GMA Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon, Isabelle, and GMA Films President Annette Gozon-Abrogar. With Andrea (right photo) was All Access To Artists President Jojo Oconer.