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Water World starring Kevin Costner!

Water World starring Kevin Costner!

Have you seen the movie “Water World,” starring Kevin Costner? In the movie most of the earth was covered in water, and people had to adapt to living in a watery world.  The hero played by Costner was able to adapt to the changes in their environment, by growing gills like a fish.  Denoting living most of their lives amphibiously, part water, part air/land.  If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do.  It’s a nice movie.

My question is this! Are we doomed to live a life similar to the one lived by Costner in the movie? Are we doomed to experience this flooding year after year? Do we need to purchase amphibious vehicles? Do we need to buy boats? What is the government doing to address this problem?

Are we going to adapt by having gills, like fishes? Problems like flooding is not only prevalent in the Philippines.  Thailand experienced one of its worst flood a few years back.  China and India has experienced flooding as well.

Are we experiencing the effects of Climate Change? Of Global Warming? Do we need to build another Noah’s Ark? Will we be experiencing rains for 40 day, and 40 nights?

What should we do? What is our part in the effort to address this problem? We need to conserve our resources, protect our forest, mountains, hills, etc., we need 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), we should not wantonly dispose of our garbage just anywhere, we should learn to segregate our wastes.  These are but some of the things that we need to do.  But we should diligently do it, if we don’t start with ourselves, then who do we expect to do it? We should lead by example!

My Husband's Lover staring Tom Rodriguez, Dennis Trillo, and Carla Abellana.

My Husband’s Lover staring Tom Rodriguez, Dennis Trillo, and Carla Abellana.

When actor Tom Rodriguez accepted the offer to play closeted homosexual Vincent in the GMA 7 drama series “My Husband’s Lover,” he knew the role would be the biggest challenge in his career so far. What he didn’t expect was that he’d become the talk of the town via his very nuanced portrayal of a conflicted married man torn between his wife Lally (played by Carla Abellana) and his lover Eric (played by Dennis Trillo).


“When I heard about the audition, I had that apprehension, that fear. Nung nakwento sa akin yung theme or the type of show that it was gonna be, I froze. Namutla ako, to be honest,” he said.


“But naisip ko na this is going to be the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. I don’t know if this is going to be the most challenging thing I’ll ever do, because I want to challenge myself pa more in the future. But this is the most challenging role to date that I’ve done.”


Actually, Tom became more than just a local sensation. The Kapuso actor is now being watched all over the globe through GMA Pinoy TV. Even non-Pinoys try to follow the unusual love triangle of Vincent, Lally, and Eric—despite not knowing a single word of Tagalog. “My Husband’s Lover” and its numerous hashtags are constant trending topics on Twitter Philippines, and the show continues to be the subject of Philippine—and even international—media.


“Puro mixed emotions pa rin hanggang ngayon, e. Andoon yung pressure. Pressure to continue giving quality product or quality show for the viewers. And at the same time, I’d very happy for the buzz that has been created and we’re so thankful for the fans who are responsible for it,” Tom said regarding the success of “My Husband’s Lover.”


A native of Samar, Tom migrated to the United States when he was 12 years old. Born to an American father and Filipina mother, the actor (real name: Bartolome Mott) got his start in showbiz via a rival network’s reality show. He appeared in a number of critically and financially successful shows, including 2011’s “Temptation Island” produced by GMA Films and Regal Entertainment with Kapuso stars Marian Rivera, Solenn Heussaff, Lovi Poe, and Heart Evangelista. He also played the title character in the Philippine stage adaptation of the musical “Aladdin.” But “My Husband’s Lover” has proved to be his tipping point as an actor, the breakthrough of his career.


He credits Carla and Dennis as the best possible co-actors for this kind of show.


“I get to work with a multi-awarded actor. It’s always a bonus because you get to learn so much na you wouldn’t otherwise get,” Tom said. “Same with Carla, because she is a natural, very talented actress.”


As expected, “My Husband’s Lover” received a bit of scrutiny from religious and conservative sectors. But Tom isn’t concerned about this.


“For me, I always make it a point to stress na everyone is free to have their own opinion. But you still need to have that level of respect with each other. Each of us may not agree with the same opinon, but we’re free to express them. So with that, I have qualms because we’re secure with what we’re doing,” he said.


The Kapuso actor added, “As long as GMA and the people are happy with what we’re doing, that’s the only thing that matters to us because we’re only here to entertain the viewers.”


“My Husband’s Lover” can be seen worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV, the flagship international channel of GMA.


For more details, visit the GMA International website, Facebook, and,, or Twitter pages @GMAPinoyTV,@GMA_LifeTV and @GMANewsTVIntl.

GMA EVP and CFO Felipe S. Yalong, GMA President and COO Gilberto R. Duavit, Jr., Marian, GMA Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon, President of All Access to Artists Rams David, GMA Entertainment TV OIC Lilybeth G. RasonableFormally quelling persistent rumors of transferring to another network, Primetime Queen Marian Rivera renewed her ties with GMA Network, Inc. after signing another exclusive three-year contract with the Kapuso Network.


Present in the contract signing were GMA Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Felipe S. Yalong, GMA President and Chief Operating Officer Gilberto R. Duavit, Jr., Marian, GMA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Atty. Felipe L. Gozon, President of All Access to Artists Rams David, GMA Entertainment TV’s Officer-in-Charge Lilybeth G. Rasonable, GMA Films President Atty. Annette Gozon-Abrogar, GMA Vice President for Entertainment Marivin T. Arayata, GMA Vice President for Drama Productions Redgie Acuña-Magno, GMA Assistant Vice President for Alternative Productions Gigi Santiago-Lara, and GMA Assistant Vice President for Corporate Communications Angela Javier-Cruz.


During the contract signing held at the Manila Golf & Country Club, Atty. Gozon was delighted that Marian chose to remain loyal to her Kapuso family, “Mahal namin siya hindi lang bilang artista kundi bilang tao dahil napakabait ni Marian. Malayo pa ang mararating ni Marian.”


Marian reveals she is very thankful to GMA for continuously giving her good projects since she became part of the Kapuso Network seven years ago, “Napakasarap ng pakiramdam na muli akong pumirma sa GMA dahil alam naman nating napakalaki ng utang na loob ko sa GMA dahil kung hindi naman dahil sa GMA wala namang Marian Rivera ngayon.”


“Wala akong ibang pupuntahan kundi ang GMA at dito ako nabibilang, Kapuso ako at dito nagsimula ang lahat, ang Marimar, at GMA ang nagbigay sa akin nun. Walang rason na umalis ako sa GMA dahil isa lang naman ang gusto ko: ang maramdaman ang pagmamahal nila at binigay nila sa akin ‘yon. Palagi kong sasabihin na proud ako na maging Kapuso.” adds Marian.


Marian became a household name after topbilling GMA’s remake of the hit Mexican series Marimar in 2007. Since then, Marian was given numerous projects that catapulted her to stardom and elevated her status as one of the country’s sought-after, multitalented and most admired actresses in the entertainment industry.


On the other hand, Mr. Duavit says that with Marian’s renewal of contract, the network will focus on her evolution with close cooperation and coordination with her management team so that her career further grows,“Inspirasyon naming lahat ang sense of loyalty ni Marian at sa pagkakataong ito ay ibig naming iparating sa kanya ang aming taos-pusong pasasalamat dahil sa patuloy niyang pagtitiwala at nakakasiguro naman si Marian na aming isinasapuso ang kanyang mas lalong pagsulong at paglago as an entertainer and an artist. We are very happy and proud.”


Marian Rivera had just graced the Philippine Independence Day Celebration in Carson City, California and New York this year, where in she was warmly welcomed by her kababayans. To know more about Marian Rivera and her upcoming show with GMA, visit the GMA International website, Facebook pages, and,, or Twitter pages @GMAPinoyTV,@GMA_LifeTV and @GMANewsTVIntl.


My Husband's Lover stars Dennis Trillo, Carla Abellana, and Tom Rodriguez.

My Husband’s Lover stars Dennis Trillo, Carla Abellana, and Tom Rodriguez.

Dennis Trillo’s breakthrough as an actor came when he won a Best Actor award from the Metro Manila Film Festival for his role as a cross-dressing gay spy in the period film “Aishite Imasu 1945.” After that, Dennis thought way past doing gay onscreen. But the role of Eric, the gay third party in the GMA drama series “My Husband’s Lover,” was too good to pass up.


The long-time Kapuso actor first had apprehensions about the role. He already played the role of an unfaithful husband in “Temptation of Wife,” which just finished airing a few months prior “My Husband’s Lover” premiere. Yet, the project was a challenge an artist of Dennis’ caliber simply could not—and should not—ignore.


“Awa ng Diyos e nagustuhan naman ng mga tao yung trabaho ko, kahit papaano bumagay naman,” he said of his role in “My Husband’s Lover.”


Dennis even quipped, “Suwerte siguro talaga ako pag nagbabading-bading!”


He actually need not worry; Dennis and co-stars Tom Rodriguez (as his lover Vincent) and Carla Abellana (as Vincent’s wife Lally) have received raved reviews for their performances that are layered and subtle, way above the usual melodramatic ways usually expected in Philippine primetime soap opera.


And it’s not like anything less is expected of Dennis. A Kapuso artist since 2001, he has shown great promise in his early shows such as “Mulawin” and has since lead numerous shows for the network.


One of the perks of doing a show like “My Husband’s Lover” for Dennis is how it made his fan base grow. Besides the local fans, Dennis now has a horde of foreign fans thanks to viewers who caught wind of the “My Husband’s Lover” phenomenon. A lot of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender forums and sites on the internet will reveal viewers all around the world begging others to translate the Filipino dialogue to English. The show even received international media attention from popular entertainment blogs such as Queerty and PerezHilton.


“Hindi namin inaasahan na ganito yung pagtanggap ng mga tao, ng mga manonood. Hindi lang yung mga bading ang nakaka-appreciate, hindi lang sila yung nakaka-relate kundi pati mga lalaki, babae, kaya masarap ang pakiramdam,” he said.


“Para sa lahat naman itong ginagawa namin. Hindi lang ito para sa mga bading or tomboy kundi para sa lahat, dahil ginagawa naming disente ‘tsaka maganda yung presentation,” Dennis added.


Of course, with an edgy show comes the criticism—and Dennis welcomes it. He’s confident what they’re doing is a decent show, an honest portrayal of sincere human emotion presented in a package that’s unusual and edgy for Philippine television. But Dennis supports the LGBT community; in fact, he said he wouldn’t even consider the show if he has conservative views about sexuality.


“Ipinapakita lang naman namin yung totoong nararamdaman ng isang tao, lalaki man o babae, kapag umiibig siya. Iyon lang, dito sa amin, lalaki sa lalaki,” Dennis said.


“My Husband’s Lover” can be seen worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV, the flagship international channel of GMA.


For more details, visit the GMA International website, Facebook pages, and,, or Twitter pages @GMAPinoyTV,@GMA_LifeTV and @GMANewsTVIntl.