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Bela Padilla

Bela Padilla

Dennis Trillo

Dennis Trillo

Four-time George Foster Peabody awardee GMA News and Public Affairs unveils another groundbreaking, socially relevant drama with the premiere of the first original medical TV series on local television – Sa Puso Ni Dok – beginning September 7.


Serving as an eye-opener on the harsh realities of public health in the country, Sa Puso ni Dok is a six-part weekly series produced by the award-winning team of GMA News TV, the same creative group behind highly acclaimed drama series Bayan Ko and Titser.


“Sa Puso Ni Dok’s ultimate battlecry is the improvement of public health care in the country. We also want to showcase the heroism of many of our government employed doctors, nurses and health workers who value integrity and service for their fellow Filipinos,” reveals Sa Puso ni Dok creator and Program Manager Sherilyn Bruan.  She adds “Aside from the program’s extensive research, the medical drama series has consulted medical experts to make the series more realistic in presenting various medical-related situations.”


Topbilled by multi-awarded actor Dennis Trillo together with award-winning actress Bela Padilla and under the direction of Adolf Alix Jr., Sa Puso Ni Dok tells the story of stern, unorthodox and mysterious head resident Doc Dennis De Vera (Dennis) and fresh grad, idealistic Doc Gabrielle dela Cruz  (Bela) whose lives and loves get intertwined inside the public hospital of Melchora Aquino General Hospital.


“I find my character very interesting.  Masungit ako na doktor dito pero unorthodox while Bela’s character is by the book, making us clash in many ways,” shares Dennis about his character, head resident Doc Dennis De Vera.


Bela, on the other hand, enthuses that her character, Doc Gabrielle, is lovable. “Gab is very easy to love because she always means well.  She is bubbly, young, and an ambitious doctor.  And even when things get in the way, she always finds solutions especially if her patients are in need.”


Both playing the role of a doctor for the first time, Dennis and Bela confess watching a US-based medical drama series as part of their preparation for the drama.  Dennis adds that he also did some research to understand some nuances, medical terms, and hospital procedures.


In the series, Doc Dennis’ dedication to his profession remains steadfast as he continues to resist the lure of work abroad to spend his workdays serving the sick in Melchora Aquino General Hospital. He also attends to the poor in a remote barrio in his personal time.


Afraid to love again, Doc Dennis discovers fate has another plan for him in the person of Doc Gab, a fresh graduate who joined the hospital to complete her required two-year return service program.


Armed with idealism and enthusiasm, Doc Gab gets disheartened when she discovers that the hospital has inadequate facilities, shortage in nurses and doctors, and in short supply of medicines.


While Doc Gab lacks experience in facing medical crises, Doc Dennis, meanwhile, has his own ways to face them.  But with their opposite personalities, will Doc Dennis welcome the idea of guiding this newbie doctor?  And with his passion for his work, will he be able to influence Doc Gab to stay and help the local residents in need? Or will Doc Dennis be swayed to leave the remote hospital instead?


Find out as the romantic love story of the two doctors unfolds in the face of challenging medical scenarios and tragedies as well as the discovery of administrative corruption.


Completing the cast of Sa Puso ni Dok are Anita Linda, Menggie Cobarrubias, Maey Bautista, AJ Dee, Gigi Locsin, Stephanie Sol, Elijah Alejo, Flor Salanga, and Sunshine Teodoro.


For more details and program information, visit the GMA International website, Facebook pages, and,, and Twitter pages @GMAPinoyTV and @GMA_LifeTV.

24 Oras

24 Oras

GMA Network continued to lead in its stronghold areas of Urban Luzon and Mega Manila in May, according to data from the broadcast industry’s most trusted ratings service provider, Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.


Urban Luzon and Mega Manila account for 77% and 60%, respectively, of the total urban TV household population in the entire country.


For the period May 1 to 31 (with the dates of May 25 to 31 based on overnight data), GMA led competition in total day ratings in Urban Luzon with a 35% household audience share, besting ABS-CBN’s 33% by 2 points, and TV5’s 11.9% by 23.1 points.


GMA also kept its total day ratings advantage in Mega Manila, registering a 36.5% household audience share, ahead of ABS-CBN’s 30.6% by 5.9 points and TV5’s 12.9% by 23.6 points. GMA led across all day parts in the area including the hotly contested primetime block.


Compared to its key competitor, more GMA programs (18 out of 30) registered in the list of top-performing programs in both Urban Luzon and Mega Manila. Multi-awarded news magazine programKapuso Mo, Jessica Soho led all Kapuso shows in both the Urban Luzon and Mega Manila lists; while grabbing the number one spot over-all in Mega Manila once again.


Other ratings drivers for the month were Magpakailanman, Celebrity Bluff, Pepito Manaloto: Ang Tunay na Kuwento, 24 Oras, and the newly launched primetime drama, Niño.


Nationwide, GMA continued to beat rival networks in the morning block with its 33.1% average, up 4.5 points from ABS-CBN’s 28.6% and up 17.9 points from TV5’s 15.2%.


This June, GMA further strengthens its programming by launching several new shows, namely Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real starring Dingdong Dantes, Lovi Poe, and Ms. Maricel Soriano on GMA Telebabad; The Half Sisters featuring Barbie Forteza and Thea Tolentino on GMA Afternoon Prime; Ismol Family a weekend sitcom with Ryan Agoncillo, Carla Abellana, Mark Justine Alvarez, Miguel Tanfelix, Bianca Umali, Mikael Daez, and Carmi Martin; and Marian, a dance-variety program top-billed by Marian Rivera.


The Network is also set to launch My BFF, a family drama which stars Janno Gibbs, Manilyn Reynes, Mona Louise Rey, and Jillian Ward; Dading, a weekday soap with Gabby Eigenmann, Glaiza de Castro, and Benjamin Alves; and My Destiny, a forthcoming drama on GMA Telebabad starring Rhian Ramos, Tom Rodriguez, Sid Lucero, and Carla Abellana in the latter part of the month.


GMA subscribes to the Nielsen TV Audience Measurement service, while ABS-CBN is the lone local major TV network that subscribes to Kantar Media, formerly known as TNS.


Nielsen data is gathered through a greater number of sampled homes nationwide in comparison to Kantar Media.


To know more about GMA International channels, please visit

Kapuso stars Heart Evangelista and Tom Rodriguez

Kapuso stars Heart Evangelista and Tom Rodriguez

Filipinos in the United States proved that the Kapuso spirit is alive miles away from home with the warm reception received by two of GMA’s top stars Tom Rodriguez and Heart Evangelista during thePhilippine Independence Day Celebration in New York last June 1.


As a crowd gathered on Madison Avenue for the Philippine Independence Day event, enthusiastic fans lined up outside the GMA booth for a chance to share an intimate moment with their Kapuso idols. Tom and Heart were all smiles as they gamely posed with their fans abroad. Heart won the people over with her bubbly personality, while Tom proved that he has skills other than singing or acting by demonstrating his talent in sketching.


The overwhelming turnout and long lines made the GMA booth one of the busiest in the area. Aside from the chance to meet and greet their favorite Kapuso artists, GMA also set up a photo booth which was a big hit among those who dropped by. In addition, GMA gave away GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TVitems to the event-goers who proudly displayed the merchandise online using the hashtag#P2BPINOY2014, which stands for “Proud to be Pinoy.”


GMA International expresses its gratitude for the longstanding support that it continues to receive from its loyal audience overseas. With GMA International bringing Filipinos closer to home through GMA’s international channels, there is no denying that many will always be “proud to be Pinoy, proud to be Kapuso!”


ROCCO NACINO gntv bayan ko

BAYAN KO photoAre the Filipinos ready for a drama that tackles issues such as corruption, bureaucracy, malnutrition, illegal logging and political dynasties? Find out this April, when GMA News TV International launches its 1st original series and most ambitious project to date – BAYAN KO.


Inspired by the social realist films of director Lino Brocka, Bayan Ko tells the story of newly elected Mayor Joseph Santiago, who sets out to make a difference in the fictional town of Lagros.


The idealistic Mayor faces roadblocks at every turn.  He must learn to lead lazy and uncooperative municipal employees, change the mindset of a mendicant populace and stand up to a powerful dynasty led by patriarch Governor Antonio Rubio.


Actor Rocco Nacino plays Mayor Joseph, veteran Pen Medina plays the corrupt Governor, Ping Medina is the Congressman, indie film princess Mercedes Cabral the powerful contractor, LJ Reyes the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, while Betong Sumaya and Love Anover take on roles as slacker municipal employees.


Bayan Ko tackles serious matters with a touch of comedy – and an unexpected romance – but its primary goal is to bring political and social issues closer to the heart of viewers locally and abroad.


“We hope that through Bayan Ko, voters realize that good governance is not only possible but crucial to our progress and start to demand better performance from the officials they elect,” says News TV channel head and Bayan Ko creator Nessa Valdellon.


Bayan Ko, a groundbreaking television project and GMA News TV International’s 1st original series, is shot entirely on high definition and unlike most television dramas, goes through the color grading process. It is directed by Adolfo Alix Jr., produced by Eliza Zamora Solis, and written by Rodolfo Vera.


BAYAN KO launches this April 6 on GMA News TV International. Call your preferred pay TV operator to subscribe or visit for more details.

I remembered when I was high school, studying in Manila.  On my everyday commute, I always pass by big factories, on my way to school.  Now it seems, that all those factories are gone.

Nowadays, I noticed that the Philippines has fewer and fewer factories, that churn out products for the mass market.  I have noticed in the labels of commodities, even the locally branded ones, it is made in another country, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, and Singapore.  Our locally branded milk is manufactured either in Thailand, New Zealand, or Germany.  Our locally branded shampoo is manufactured in Indonesia, Vietnam, or Thailand.  Our locally branded coffee is manufactured either in Indonesia or Singapore.  I am fearing that the time comes, that all of our locally branded commodities will be manufactured abroad, and not locally here in the Philippines.

We used to have multinational companies, manufacturing locally branded commodities here in the Philippines.  We used to be a major export of finished products, now it’s manpower that we are majorly exporting.  Where have all these factories gone? Why has the government done nothing, to encourage multinational companies to set up shop here, and do the manufacturing here? Why has our government not clamored for jobs, goods, and factories, to be created locally, as what America is doing now.

America has asked its multinational companies to bring back manufacturing into the United States, thereby creating jobs, goods, and factories.  They are offering tax concessions to those multinational companies, who do heed their call.  One such example of a company that heeded their call is Apple Inc.  Why can’t our government do something to attract these multinational to bring back their operations, and their factories back in the Philippines? If they are able to convince these multinational companies, then this would create jobs for thousand, if not millions of Filipinos.  We would not be too dependent on exporting our manpower, as we will need them here as well.

Sending manpower overseas to work and earn dollars for the country, at the expense of having their family torn apart, is too much to ask of the Filipinos.  Majority of these t who work overseas, have had the tragic experience of having their family broken.  They work overseas to provide for their family, in turn either taking care of someone else’s family.  They can send monetary and material needs to their family, but sometimes these monetary and material needs are not enough, as their family clamor for their presence, and love.  The Filipino is one of the few races on this planet to have close family relations.  We care for our elderly at home, we celebrate any occasion with our family.

I am imploring our government to make steps into convincing these companies to bring back their production, and their factories back in the Philippines, in order to create jobs, and opportunities for the Filipino people.  We, the Filipino should be proud and patronize Philippine made goods/products/services.  We should bring back the “Proudly Philippine Made” movement.  We should be nationalistic, like our neighbors such as Japan, and Thailand to name a few.  It’s okay to indulge in imported items from time to time, but we should make it a point to support our locally made products and services.  “Mahalin natin ang sariling atin, atin ito! Kung hindi natin ito mamahalin, sino ang magmamahal dito?” “Maging makibayan! Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bansa!” That is my parting message to the readers of this blog.

I have traveled a lot, to different countries/cities, and I have notice that there is great disparity between us, and some of our closest neighbors.

We are being left behind by our neighbors. Let me sight some examples. In Hong Kong, there are free wi-fi connections in public areas, such as public parks, and public libraries. Even buses have free wi-fi connection, although you have to accept the terms and conditions to access the free wi-fi connection. In Hong Kong and Singapore, the public transportation system is impeccable. The trains are clean, on time, and well ventilated. There is seldom traffic congestions in the roads. Safety, and cleanliness, are perfect. You can walk around in the wee hours of the morning, and you would not be scared of getting mugged or hold up.

We shouldn’t allow ourself to be left behind. We should accept technology, and the advancement it provides us.

We should have had an internet capable government offices, if the ZTE broadband deal was to have been completed, but due to the discrepancies, and the uncovered corruption of the Arroyo administration, the deal was dropped.

We should have quality roads and infrastructures, due to the donations and assistance of our neighbors such as Japan, but due to corruption, and self enrichment, we are left with dilapidated roads and infrastructures.

We should as a people, be wary of the people who govern us. We should be wary of the mistakes they have committed in the past, and not forget it. We should not vote for those who should not be voted. We should as a people guard our freedom, our future, and our country from enemies not only foreign, but also domestic. We should vote for what is right! We should vote for politicians, who will bring about positive changes to our country, bring advancement in technology, mass transportation, health care, and other fields. We should vote for politicians, who will give us jobs, food for our table, shelter for our families, and education for our children.

Make the change you want want to be! Start it with you!