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This is my most recent personal post after a long long time.  I have heard a lot in the news lately.  Flooding in Metro Manila, Summary Execution here and there, Sinking of Roro Ferry, Sex for flight scandal, etc.  Why is all of these happening here and abroad involving the Philippines?

As for the flooding in Metro Manila, government departments have been pointing fingers here and there.  The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has been pointing the blame for the flooding, at The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), saying that MMDA has not done its part in cleaning of the sewers/drainage and canals.  In retaliation, MMDA is blaming the DPWH for the slow and inefficient installation/replacement of antiquated sewer/drainage systems by its appointed contractors and sub contractors.  Why can’t they just work together, in order to find a solution to the problem, that has beleaguered the citizens/residents, for a very long long time.  Instead of bickering with each other, why don’t they just team up and work together for the best solution!

As for the summary executions, I feel that those who do the summary executions, feel that they are helping the nation/community by killing criminals, or cleansing it of the dirt.  But why only pick pockets or snatchers are being killed? Why not go after the big time criminals and multiple offenders such as the killers, rapist, etc., if they are indeed trying to cleanse the nation/community? Or it could be the police authorities cleansing their plate, by killing criminal who could be associated with them.  But whichever it is, taking someone else’s life is not up to us.  Only the Creator has the right to do that.  Taking someone else’s life is a mortal sin, against mankind, and against God!

Sinking of the Roro Ferry, this type of disasters have been going on since time immemorial.  Overloading of passengers, poor maintenance of the marine vessels, overloading of cargo, fires, etc., are the common causes blamed on such sinking.  The question we should ask is what happens after? After the sinking, were the causes rectified? Were the responsible people penalized or imprisoned? The usual answer is no.  Which is why these types of disaster will keep on happening, as the persons held responsible for the disasters are not penalized/imprisoned or held liable.

Sex for flight scandal.  I have heard on the news, that these rumors of the said scandal has been rife for a long time.  Even when, Mr. Noli De Castro, was Vice President.  But are these rumors true? No one has been brave enough to surface as a witness, to prosecute or even implicate these government personnels.  If it is true, do these government personnels have no heart? To take advantage of people, especially women, who have already been abused and taken advantage of by individuals.  Do they want to further hurt or burden these poor poor OFW’s? Whose only wish or dream is to provide a better future for themselves and their family?

Is our world becoming too commercialized, insensitive to the feeling of others, that feelings of empathy, sympathy, and caring for others, are all gone and amiss? What is happening to our world? What kind of world are we leaving our kids, grand kids, and the future generations? I do hope that we would all be able to wake up in time, to rectify all of our mistakes, and give the future generations, including our kids, and grand kids a brighter future to embrace!

Today with Francis 8 final tcard Kylie Padilla 5Now on its 5th year, GMA Life TV, the first Filipino lifestyle channel abroad offered by GMA International, is serving up a new slate of program launches and brand new seasons all in the month of June.


The magazine-cum-travel program Today with Francis hosted by Atty. Francis Papica opened its second season last June 1. Airing every Saturday, the show promises to take viewers to new locations with the most interesting guests joining its resident host.


Last June 4, The Tim Yap Show, which brings the latest updates and trending showbiz topics straight from social media, also aired its second season. With its multi-hyphenated host dishing out new “Yapdates,” the program is set to become bigger and more colorful with new guests and intriguing stories airing Tuesdays through Saturdays on the channel.  


The TV adaptation of the 1980’s movie Blusang Itim also premiered last June 4. Just as many people got captivated by Snooky Serna’s role as Jessa, GMA Life TV is certain that fast-rising Kapuso actress Kylie Padilla would be as mesmerizing in this brand new series. This time around, the story promises to be more gripping as it revolves around the fashion industry. It can be seen on GMA Life TV Tuesdays through Saturdays.


Also premiering on GMA Life TV this month is season two of Mega Fashion Crew, where in a new batch of fashion hopefuls vie for a spot in the industry. Billed as one of the greatest opportunities to ever come into the life of a struggling youth creative, the continuation of MEGA’s widely followed TV offerings airs every Saturday on GMA Life TV.


Meanwhile, in celebration of Father’s Day, Reel Life takes on a Father’s Month theme this June. For the rest of the month, Reel Time will be airing Ano Ba Talaga Kuya? starring Smokey Manaloto and Sharmain Suarez on June 8; FPJ’s action-packed Kalibre .45 on June 15; the fantasy movie Agimat: Anting-Anting ni Lolo topbilled by father and son Bong Revilla, Jr. and Jolo Revilla on June 22; and the action-romance movie, Eto Na Naman Ako featuring Robin Padilla and Vina Morales on June 29.


GMA Life TV is available in the U.S, Canada, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Hong Kong, Guam, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Madagascar with an estimated one million viewers from all over the world. It will also be launched in additional pay-TV systems in North Africa and the Asia Pacific Region this year.


For more information on the channel and program schedules, please visit the GMA International, Facebook page or Twtter page@GMA_LifeTV.

Qatar_Cesar followed by a support vehicleThe first Filipino global runner and the “Father of Ultramarathon” in the Philippines Cesar Guarin is back from his successful Middle East run, which lasted 30 days from April 15 to May 17, and covered a total distance of 932 kilometers.


After running in six countries in the Middle East, Guarin continues to bring pride to his countrymen through his global pursuit to join the ranks of elite global runners numbering less than 10 worldwide.


GMA International, the international arm of leading broadcast company GMA Network, has been a staunch supporter of the veteran distance runner since his Australian leg last year and has once again renewed their partnership with Guarin and The Global Run (GR) team for this ME leg.


“We are proud of Mr. Cesar Guarin for successfully completing his Middle East run, which was deemed as his most challenging global run stage of all,” said GMA Vice President and Head of International Operations Joseph T. Francia.


“We admire his passion and determination, and consider it an honor to play a significant role in his quest to become the first Filipino and Asian to finish a solo run across the globe” he added.


Guarin kicked off his ME run in Bahrain, where he conquered desert roads and oil pipelines for two days along with local female ultrarunner, Dunya Elias. Prior to his 110-km run, Guarin covered 22 kms within Bahrain’s capital and its largest city, Manama.


From Bahrain, Guarin endured major highways on desert roads and extreme temperature in Qatar to complete 209 kms in 5 days despite such challenging condition. Guarin and his GR Team Joon Malicse (project head and consultant) and Lester Fernandez (former handler and GRT volunteer) also attended the Emir Basketball Cup, where they met Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, the Qatar Olympic Committee Secretary General and member of the royal family, and even joined a fun run in Doha.


Guarin marked the third leg of his ME run in Kuwait, where he was met by over 1,000 spectators – his biggest crowd in ME. The global runner ran 110 kms, which he finished in just 5 days.


Guarin then continued his run in Saudi Arabia on May 1 as a fitting tribute to OFWs in the country. From an initial target run of 500 kms for 7 days, it was trimmed down to a 1-day, 43-km run due to unforeseen delays in the approval of their visa. Still and all, Guarin is the first Filipino runner to be given a permit from the Saudi government to do a solo run in the Eastern province of Saudi.


According to Guarin, his run in Oman was the most difficult of all legs. But even the mountainous region of Oman did not stop Guarin from finishing the race what with his decades’ worth of experience running across the globe. He completed this stage in 6 days covering 175 kms.


The Filipino ultamarathoner capped off his ME run in UAE, where he covered a total running distance of 285 kms. For his longest leg, Guarin ran along major highways from Abu Dhabi going to Dubai for 9 days.


In between runs, Guarin and his team made their rounds in each of the country’s Philippine Embassy, where they were met by local officials and fellow Pinoys wanting to lend their support.


Guarin noted on the generous support provided by the Philippine embassies, Ministry of Sports of each country and from our kababayan working in the Middle East.


With this new achievement in place, Guarin is even more determined to finish what he started and become an inspiration to more Filipinos across the globe.


“I’ve seen Cesar ran in 14 countries already in 3 years but it still amazes me to see him every time he run each day on the road,” shared Malicse. “His determination and stamina to run under the scorching heat of the sun in the Middle East from sunrise to sundown is unbelievable. And at the end of the day he can still manage to smile genuinely and still take time to wash his clothes and do other stuff. I hope a lot people get the chance to see him run the way we do. He truly is inspiring.”


Guarin is set to take on his next stage – his 2,500-km solo run in North America, covering Alaska, Vancouver, and other key cities in the West Coast – from October to December this year bringing him closer to the fulfilment of his ultimate dream.


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For more details, visit the GMA International website, Facebook and, or Twitter pages @GMAPinoyTV and @GMA_LifeTV.