Archives For October 2011

I heard recently that the Right of Abode applications of Foreign Domestic Helpers was approved.  I think this would not be the end of it, as Hong Kong plans to appeal on the decision passed down by the courts.  This would be a long and tedious battle.  Today, the Foreign Domestic Helpers scored one over the Hong Kong Government, but the battle is not yet over.

I am not against or for Foreign Domestic Helpers, but I see and think that this would cause more problems for them in the long run, rather than be helpful.  The repercussions that it will cause the newer and future Foreign Domestic Helpers, will be great.  I see that they will be putting a cap on the number of contracts a Foreign Domestic Helper can sign.  Plus it would put more pressure on hiring of Foreign Domestic Helpers.

Also, what I do not understand is why the Foreign Domestic Helpers want to apply for the Right of Abode.  Firstly, staying more than 7 years in Hong Kong, does not automatically guarantee a Foreign Domestic Helper the Right of Abode.  He/She has to apply for it, and pass certain criterion.  Such as income tax returns, bank deposits/passbooks, money in bank, etc.  Secondly, if an applicant is approved and he/she receives a salary based on the minimum wage, or say HK$6,000.00.  He/she has to pay for his/her own accommodation (including rental, electricity, water, and management fees), he/she has to shoulder her own meals, he/she has to shoulder her own transportation expenses, plus other necessary expenses.  Let us say he/she earns HK$6,000 a month, he/she rents a room/flat (HK$2,500.00), he/she has to pay for management fee (HK$150.00), he/she has to pay for electricity (HK$500.00), he/she has to pay for water (HK$100.00), he/she has to pay for LPG for cooking (HK$200.00), he/she has to buy in the market (HK$500.00), he/she has to pay for transportation (HK$1,000.00), he/she has to pay for telephone bills (HK$300.00), he/she has to pay for internet (HK$78.00), and he/she has to pay for MPF (HK$300.00).  Let say HK$6,000.00 minus HK$5,628.00, it would only leave HK$372.00 for other expenses.  Plus they have to pay taxes as well.

So, I don’t see why they need to apply for a Right of Abode, while what they get now is their net income, they do not need to pay for taxes, and MPF, plus all of their needs are provided for by their employer, such as accommodation, food, electricity, water, transportation, etc.  So they get to keep their monthly pay without worrying about all those things.

These are just my thoughts on the matter.  I am not against or for Foreign Domestic Helpers.  I am just sharing my point of view.  I hope no ones gets insulted by my comments.  All I hope to do is shed light on various of subjects, that the Foreign Domestic Helpers might not see, as of the moment.  I do not want them to regret in the end.