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GMA News and Public Affairs—the group behind the groundbreaking socio-political and historical TV series Bayan Ko, Katipunan, Ilustrado, Titser, and Sa Puso Ni Dok—is coming up with a new weekly series that hopes to revive Filipinos’ interest in folk tales.

Entitled Alamat, the series features six episodes of 2D and 3D animated renditions of Philippine legends namely, Alamat ng Bayabas, Juan Tamad, Langgam at Tipaklong, Mariang Sinukuan, Mahiwagang Singsing, and Ang Unang Bahaghari. It will air worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV beginning July 19.

Six teams of writers, directors, producers, actor-dubbers and professional animators, some of whom had prior experience in giant animation studios abroad, worked on the project.

According to Jaileen Jimeno, program manager, the primary goal of the series is to encourage the audience, especially young viewers, to appreciate the once well-loved but now almost forgotten tales of lore which were used by elders to impart good values and traditions to the youth of their time.

Each episode features the voices of various Kapuso stars and personalities who give life to the characters. The first episode, Alamat ng Bayabas, will showcase the voices of veteran actor Pen Medina and GMA Artist Center talent Harvey Almoneda.

Characters for the next five episodes are voiced by Gabby Eigenmann, Glaiza de Castro, Mike Tan, Kylie Padilla, Louise de los Reyes, Bea Binene, Jeric Gonzales, Betong Sumaya, Love Añover, Maey Bautista, Pekto, John Feir, Tonipet Gaba, and Roi Vinzon.


Tune in to the premiere episode of Alamat on July 19 on GMA Pinoy TV.

We used to be a great country, second only to Japan in Asia! We are naturally rich in minerals and natural resources.  We are an artistic, intellectual, and inventive people.  All of these are recipe for a great nation.  But what has happened to us? We are now ranked as one of the worst.  Our closest neighbors such as Thailand, and Indonesia, has overtaken us.  Their economy is booming.  Plus you add the fact, that we are the most English literate, and the most fluent English speakers in this region.  What is stopping foreign investors, from bringing their investments here? Peace and order? Business environment? Government incentives? Political climate?

Although our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector is booming, the rest of the industry is declining.  We use to manufacture most of our commodities, our products/goods, and agriculture.  Now we merely import them.  Most of our hair products are either made in Indonesia or Thailand, our milk products are either made in Thailand, New Zealand, or Germany, our RTW (Ready To Wear) items are made in China.  When will we be able to proudly say, that our goods/products are “Proudly Philippine Made?” When will multinational factories sprout out again in the Philippines? Giving jobs and business opportunities to thousands or millions of unemployed Filipinos.  Also generating more revenues from these multinational factories for the government.

We have world class artist, designers, architects, engineers, etc., which have not only been featured here in the Philippines, but also around the world.  We have great Filipino thinkers and inventors, such as Agapito Flores (inventor of the Flourescent tube), and Daniel Dingel (inventors of the hydro powered car), but because there was not support from the government, these inventors had either sold their inventions to companies or countries, who are willing to take their inventions seriously.  We are a great nation and a great people, and we should not forget this.

Our government and the people manipulating it, has caused this decline.  If the government would have been proactive in keeping the peace and order situation better, making the business environment more susceptible to foreign investors/investments, giving incentives to these foreign investors/investments to entice them, and making the political climate more stable, then foreign investors/investments would surely flow into the country.  But our government is manipulated by a few individuals, who are enriching themselves out of the toils of the people.  Individuals who don’t care about the sufferings of the Filipino people, as long as their pockets are full.

So that is why I am calling on the youth and the people of the Philippines, to wake up, and cast their vote this coming May 13, 2013 elections.  We should properly choose the politicians who will put our best interest forward, and not theirs.  We should vote for those who will fight for our rights.  We should vote for those who will bring about positive changes to the country, and uplift the status of the Philippines to be at par with the best in the world.  We should not rely on empty promises and propaganda of politicians.  We are old enough to know, who keeps their promises, and those who don’t.  We should not sell our vote, for quick cash, which in the long run would bring us more suffering.  We should be aware and take action in safeguarding our ballots, from the hands of unscrupulous, and dirty politicians, who will do anything to win.  We should safeguard our future, the future of our children, and the future of this great nation of ours.

Let us not be complacent, let us strive to show those unscrupulous and dirty politicians, that we will not merely watch and do nothing.  We should stand up, and take action.  Let us help ourselves help the nation.  If the nation is great, then it’s people are great as well.  Let us be part of the change! The change for the better!!!

Bangon Pilipino! Bangon Pilipinas!