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Every creature has a story of goodness – this is the message behind GMA’s Halloween Special Series ELEMENTO.

Elementos or entities of the dark have long been perceived as evildoers who prey on unwilling human victims. ELEMENTO allows viewers a peek into the other side – perhaps elementals are also victims – and we humans the first to sow fear by destroying their natural world.

In ELEMENTO, the elementals are all fighting for a cause – a manananggal for the protection of children (played by Glaiza de Castro), a kapre and his best friend (played by Kuya Bodjie Pascua)  for the preservation of the forest, a beautiful river fairy (portrayed by Solenn Heussaff) against water pollution, and many more. The program shows the elementals as they fall in love, rear their children and protect the legacy of their own kind.

Watch creatures from Philippine myths and folklore come to life – but with a twist – in the upcoming ELEMENTO.  The show launches on October 13, only on GMA Pinoy TV.