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“I die without seeing dawn’s light shining on my country… You, who will see it, welcome it for me… Don’t forget those who fell during the nighttime.”
― Jose Rizal, Noli Me Tangere


He is widely regarded as the country’s most beloved hero. This Monday, get to know the man behind the hero as GMA News and Public Affairs brings to life the untold stories of Jose Rizal with the world premiere of the first-ever Bayaniseryeon primetime television, ILUSTRADO.


Ilustrado offers an educational and entertaining viewing experience as it features the life of Rizal as a young student in the Philippines to his travels in Europe as well as the major events and influences that shaped his mind and actions as a reformist. Through his letters to his family and friends, Ilustrado depicts Rizal’s struggles while living abroad. And through his love letters, the series tries to illustrate his relationship with women and why he is considered a notorious lover boy.


Produced by the same creative team behind the highly-acclaimed historical drama Katipunan and mini-series Bayan Ko, Ilustrado boasts of an ensemble of topnotch artists led by award-winning actor and Kapuso homegrown star Alden Richards as Jose Rizal.


Joining him are Kylie Padilla as Leonor Rivera, who many historians believe was Rizal’s true love, and Solenn Heussaff as Nellie Boustead, the French woman Rizal almost married.


Portraying the role of Rizal’s beloved parents are this year’s Cinemalaya best actress Eula Valdez (Teodora Alonzo) and Ricardo Cepeda (Francisco Mercado). Freddie Webb gives life to Rizal’s uncle, Don Jose Alberto, while Rizal’s brother Paciano Mercado is played by Marco Alcaraz. Child star Jhiz Deocareza plays the young Rizal.


Also incorporated in the Bayaniserye are fictional characters representing some of Rizal’s antagonists – mother and son Conchita and Venchito Monteverde (played by five-time Urian best actress Jaclyn Jose and Polo Ravales, respectively); Padre Amado (Lito Legaspi); and young Venchito (Sean Ross).


The cast also includes Max Collins as Consuela Ortiga, JC Tiuseco as Antonio Luna, Lucho Ayala as Jose Alejandrino, Bryan Benedict as Juan Luna, Jak Roberto as Maximo Viola, and Rhen Escano as Isidra Monteverde.


Under the direction of King Marc Baco, Ilustrado is filmed using the sophisticated Arri Alexa camera, along with equally high-end lenses provided by CMB Film Services Inc.  GMA Post Production, using up-to-date 3D visual effects technology, has recreated the grandeur of the European cities where Rizal lived and completed his novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.


The series’ theme song is composed and performed by Gloc9 featuring Lirah Bermudez with additional arrangement by Simon Tan.


Ilustrado, the first Bayaniserye on Philippine primetime, airs beginning Monday, October 20, 9:30pm right after Hiram na Alaala.


It will also air simultaneously on GMA Pinoy TV.  To learn more about Ilustrado’s airing schedule, visit GMA International’s website,, Facebook page,, and follow GMA Pinoy TV on Twitter and Instagram via @gmapinoytv.


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Hiram na Alaala

Hiram na Alaala

Hiram na Alaala

Hiram na Alaala

GMA Network presents HIRAM NA ALAALA, another innovative primetime series that will captivate the hearts of viewers as it showcases how the power of shared memories can cause great love to become real. The show premieresSeptember 23 on GMA Pinoy TV.


Hiram na Alaala narrates how one soldier’s trauma becomes instrumental in sustaining and bringing back great love between man and woman.


This unique intertwining of lives and love stories fostered by shared memories will prove that GMA is determined to lead in primetime TV while showcasing the versatility of its stars led by Drama King Dennis Trillo as Ivan Legaspi and Kapuso drama sweetheart Kris Bernal as Andrea Dizon, together with multitalented actress Lauren Young as Bethany Sandovaland award-winning actor Rocco Nacino as Joseph Corpuz.


The series also stars respected movie and TV actors and actresses, Jackielou Blanco as Regina LegaspiNina Ricci Alagao as Martina SandovalShyr Valdez as Araceli CorpuzDexter Doria as Ola DizonAntonio Aquitania asBenedict CorpuzAllan Paule as Xander Dizon; and Lotlot de Leon as Annabelle Sta. Cruz.


Completing the powerhouse cast are Julia Lee as GelaiKenneth Paul as Chris Corpuz, Jenny Rose as Krissy Corpuz,and Rap Fernandez as Bruno.


In the series, Ivan (Dennis) and Joseph (Rocco) instantly became friends when they are deployed to war. They endure the ravages of armed conflict with Joseph’s tales of great love for Andrea (Kris), highlighting shared memories of their years together as lovers, much to Ivan’s amusement.


However, in an encounter with rebels, both men are captured, imprisoned and tortured. Fate separates them as Joseph is left in captivity while Ivan is rescued by the military.


The suffering Ivan experienced triggered him to assume the identity of Joseph, while losing memories, perception and awareness of his own life and past. With this regained freedom and assumed identity, Ivan finds great love in the arms of Andrea as Joseph.


Meanwhile, Andrea was devastated when she found out that Joseph was missing. But she will be surprised when Ivan claims that he is Joseph. Andrea eventually falls for Ivan because through him, she feels Joseph is still around. She carries on her great love for Joseph by allowing herself to relive her shared memories with her missing lover.


Joseph is eventually saved only to find out that Ivan and Andrea are already in love with each other. He thinks that he is betrayed by his best friend and girlfriend and is now left with the daunting challenge of bringing back Andrea’s great love for him.


The same holds true for Bethany (Lauren), Ivan’s girlfriend. Upon Ivan’s return, Bethany is surprised to find out that her boyfriend is claiming that he is Joseph. What makes things worse is the fact that Ivan doesn’t remember her and he thinks he is in love with someone else. Bethany will then become determined to do everything to get Ivan back.


Under the helm of the highly acclaimed director of Temptation of Wife and My Husband’s Lover, Dominic ZapataHiram na Alaala begins airing on September 23, Monday to Friday on GMA Pinoy TV.