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GMAKF’s Operation Bayanihan quickly responded to the needs of those affected by typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

GMAKF’s Operation Bayanihan quickly responded to the needs of those affected by typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

The Kapuso Village Tacloban is the first permanent housing project in the area for survivors of typhoon Yolanda.

The Kapuso Village Tacloban is the first permanent housing project in the area for survivors of typhoon Yolanda.

It was an emotional turnover ceremony as 120 concrete houses were turned over to the beneficiaries of the Kapuso Village in Tacloban.

It was an emotional turnover ceremony as 120 concrete houses were turned over to the beneficiaries of the Kapuso Village in Tacloban.

City Councilor Cristina Gonzales-Romualdez representing the City Government of Tacloban receives the ceremonial key to the Kapuso Village Tacloban from GMAKF EVP and COO Mel C. Tiangco.

City Councilor Cristina Gonzales-Romualdez representing the City Government of Tacloban receives the ceremonial key to the Kapuso Village Tacloban from GMAKF EVP and COO Mel C. Tiangco.

Kapuso stars Bianca Umali, Miguel Tanfelix, Kris Bernal, Barbie Forteza, Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes and Julie Anne San Jose joined GMAKF EVP and COO Mel C. Tiangco in giving the residents an early Christmas gift.

Kapuso stars Bianca Umali, Miguel Tanfelix, Kris Bernal, Barbie Forteza, Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes and Julie Anne San Jose joined GMAKF EVP and COO Mel C. Tiangco in giving the residents an early Christmas gift.

A year after Yolanda hit the Philippines, the survivors’ stories of resilience continue as they rebuild from the ruins of their storm-ravaged homes.


Since the typhoon’s landfall in 2013, GMA Kapuso Foundation (GMAKF) – with its long-standing commitment to Serbisyong Totoo – has been a steadfast advocate in turning these stories of loss into stories of hope through its quick response in times of need and its extensive disaster relief programs.


On the anniversary of Yolanda, GMAKF officially turned over 120 permanent concrete houses of Phase II and III of its Kapuso Village in Tacloban City to select families displaced by the super typhoon.


GMAKF is the first NGO to turn over permanent concrete housing to Yolanda survivors in Tacloban City.


A total of 172 houses were turned over since July 2014. An additional 231 houses will be ready for occupancy in the coming months, fulfilling in part the Foundations’ 403-unit concrete housing project in the area.


“For the Yolanda survivors, a year definitely will not suffice to alleviate the pain from the loss of family members and ruined homes. However, our commitment in rebuilding lives through this long term project will help regain the hope of many displaced residents,” shares GMAKF EVP and COO Mel C. Tiangco.


The beneficiaries were emotional during the turnover as they recalled the height of the storm and what they went through. Even so, they were grateful for the outpouring of assistance they received from GMAKF and its partners.


Through the generosity of numerous citizens all over the world, the project was able to come to fruition. Furthermore, GMA Network and its roster of stars showed the true meaning of the Kapuso spirit by participating in GMAKF’s Yolanda rehabilitation efforts.


Just this month, GMA launched its 2014 “Share the Love” Christmas campaign reminding its viewers that rebuilding lives entails a collaborative effort from generous hearts and passionate spirits.


GMA unveiled the campaign with an event plug featuring Mel Tiangco joined by Kapuso stars as they shared an early Christmas with the residents of the Kapuso Village in Tacloban.


The plug garnered positive reviews on Facebook with users commenting on the wonderful message of the campaign and GMAKF’s tireless efforts in helping those in need. Facebook user Gerolou says, “That’s why kind-hearted people trusted GMA Kapuso Foundation because they can see where their donations go… hope to fulfill 400 or more houses for Yolanda victims onward!”


Meanwhile, Facebook user Khryss, a Yolanda survivor, praises the video saying, “It makes my heart smile upon seeing this video and the song has really moved me. Thanks for motivating a lot of people in doing humanitarian missions. We are still blessed to have people like you.”


Since its launch, over 100 Kapuso celebrities and News and Public Affairs personalities have shared the love by sponsoring food, toys, medical treatments and medicines for the Kapuso Foundation’s beneficiaries in the country, including other Yolanda-affected areas.


In addition to the housing project in Tacloban, GMAKF also pledged the construction of 24 new classrooms under its Kapuso School Development project within the Kapuso Village. Meanwhile, another Kapuso Village will soon rise in Palo, which includes 169 concrete houses and 10 classrooms.


GMAKF has also turned over 15 classrooms in Barangay Sulangan, Guiuan, Eastern Samar. Moreover, construction and rehabilitation is underway for 40 classrooms in Quinapondan, Eastern Samar and in Villaba and Kananga in Leyte.


Going beyond immediate disaster relief efforts, GMAKF is committed to utilizing its resources to create a lasting impact on the lives of their beneficiaries.


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Kusina Master

Kusina Master

GMA-7’s Kusina Master proves its international caliber once more after winning as Best Lifestyle Program at the prestigious 19th Annual NAMIC Vision Awards. Chef Boy Logro’s well-loved cooking show, which was submitted as an entry for GMA Life TV, the first Filipino lifestyle channel abroad, also makes history as the first ever winner from GMA as well as the Philippines in the said competition.


GMA Pinoy TV’s co-production Pusong Pinoy Sa Amerika, on the other hand, bagged a nomination in the Foreign Language Category.


GMA Vice President and Head of International Operations Joseph T. Francia considers their latest achievement as an important milestone for GMA Life TV, which recently marked its fifth anniversary. “This award is truly an honor for both GMA Life TV and the excellent team behind Kusina Master, confirming its world class standards for the second time this year,” he said.


Kusina Master bested entries from Scripps, one of the biggest TV networks in the US. This award comes right on the heels of the program’s recent victory at the 2013 US International Film and Video Festival, wherein it earned a Certificate for Creative Excellence.


GMA OIC for Entertainment TV Lilybeth G. Rasonable expresses her thanks for all the recognition and praise that Kusina Master has been receiving not only in the Philippines, but also internationally. “We sincerely thank theNAMIC Vision Awards for this honor and we commit to continue delivering superior information and entertainment to our audience here and abroad,” she enthused.


Nicol Turner-Lee, Ph.D, President and CEO of the National Association of Minorities in Communications (NAMIC), informed GMA International of the win and extended her “congratulations on this esteemed honor.”


Representing GMA International at the awarding ceremony held last July 11 at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, California were Jush Andowitt, GMA International Marketing Consultant, and respected immigration lawyer Atty. Lou Tancinco, host and producer of “Pusong Pinoy sa Amerika.”


The NAMIC Vision Awards is dubbed as “a celebration of multicultural contributions in the media industry.” It is “one of the few national (US-wide) competitions that salute original television or digital content that reflects the depth and breadth of experience and contributions of people of color.” The likes of CNN, HBO, Disney, ESPN, Nickelodeon and other mainstream US networks usually dominate the Vision Awards.



GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TV along with GMA News TV International can be seen in Canada and the US and in countries in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific. For more details, visit the GMA International website, Facebook pages,, and,, or Twitter pages@GMAPinoyTV,@GMA_LifeTV and @GMANewsTVIntl.

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Chicken Charlie’s 3rd Anniversary iPad Mini Give Away!

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by: Alice Park (Time Magazine)

The Mediterranean diet is a well-known weapon in the fight against heart disease, but exactly how effective is it?


To find out, researchers led by Dr. Ramón Estruch, from the Department of Internal Medicine at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, put the Mediterranean diet to the test against a low-fat diet. They followed participants to track rates of heart attack, stroke and heart-disease-related death. After nearly five years, the results were so striking for one group that the study was stopped early, according to research published online by the New England Journal of Medicine.

The group that showed the least heart problems and lowest rate of heart disease deaths? Those who ate a Mediterranean diet high in extra-virgin olive oil. Coming in at a close second were participants who ate a Mediterranean diet high in nuts. Compared with those eating the low-fat diet, the extra-virgin-olive-oil group showed a 30% lower risk of having a heart attack, stroke or dying of heart disease after five years, while those consuming the Mediterranean diet with more nuts showed a 28% lower risk of these outcomes.

(MORE: Mediterranean Diet Linked to Lower Child-Asthma Risk)

“We think the strength of this study comes from the fact that we measured hard outcomes and not just blood pressure or changes in cholesterol levels,” says Estruch. “We really believe the Mediterranean diet lowers incidence of [heart attack], stroke and cardiovascular deaths.”

Previous studies have linked Mediterranean diets to fewer heart attacks and deaths from heart disease, but most of those have correlated people’s recall of their diet with heart-disease outcomes rather than randomly assigning participants to eat specific diets and then following them for heart-disease risk, as Estruch and his colleagues did.

In the study, the participants in the Mediterranean diet groups agreed to replace red meat with white meat like chicken and eat three or more servings of fish each week, along with three or more servings of fruit and two or more servings of vegetables a day. The extra-virgin-olive-oil group also consumed more than four tablespoons of the oil a day, replacing regular olive oil with the extra-virgin variety, which contains more potentially heart-healthy compounds like polyphenols and vitamin-E tocopherols — which can lower levels of inflammatory factors that contribute to heart disease — in addition to oleic acids, which are lower in the saturated fat that can build up in blood vessels. The group that consumed more nuts was asked to eat a combination of 30 g of walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts every day. These groups were also asked to stay away from sodas and red meats. The participants eating the low-fat diet ate three or more servings of fish or seafood a week and the same amount of fruit and vegetables as the Mediterranean diet groups. They were discouraged from consuming more than two tablespoons of vegetable oils, including olive oil, each day.

(MORE: Can Olive Oil Help Prevent Stroke?)

To ensure that other factors that could affect heart-disease rates were not playing a role, the researchers also adjusted for the total amount of calories the groups were eating, since obesity can be a major contributor to heart attack and stroke. Even after making these adjustments, however, the olive-oil group showed statistically significant drops in heart-disease risk. And because the three groups were randomly assigned to their diets, Estruch says that factors like the amount of exercise the participants did, or the medications they took, would be about the same in all three groups, and thus affect all participants equally.

Estruch says that the study has some limitations, most notably that the low-fat diet group may not have had as intense an intervention during the first part of the study as the Mediterranean groups did, potentially biasing the results in favor of the Mediterranean diet. Some volunteers also dropped out, most of whom had higher body mass index on average, which may also skew the results toward a beneficial effect of the Mediterranean diet, since the individuals who remained might have been more motivated to take care of their hearts to begin with.

Still, the findings add to the body of evidence that suggests the Mediterranean diet can play an important role in protecting the heart, and should guide doctors and patients who want to avoid heart disease toward eating the foods that can help them the most.

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