Rhian Ramos headlines GMA Network’s THE RICH MAN’S DAUGHTER

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This May, GMA Network presents the groundbreaking drama series, The Rich Man’s Daughter.


The show premieres on May 12 on GMA Pinoy TV. And in an effort to reach a wider audience, GMA’s flagship international channel will air the series with English subtitles.


This is a story about how a rich man, Oscar (Al Tantay), finds out that his daughter, Jade (Rhian Ramos), is a lesbian, how it propels him to offer five million pesos to the man who will marry her, and how it hurls the whole family into a series of discoveries.


And as Jade discovers something about herself, will she still be able to experience unconditional love from her family and friends? Will she be able to hold on to her personal truths and fight for her love even if it will destroy her family?


The drama project showcases Rhian Ramos’ versatility as an actress, as she breathes life to the character of Jade Tanchingco, her most challenging role to date.


The youngest and only daughter, Jade is the family’s jewel. And when she meets Althea, everyone’s perspective of her life and persona changes.


Making the drama series even more stellar are versatile actors and actresses.


Glaiza de Castro is Althea Guevarra, a smart, independent and driven woman, who is sexy, classy and a proud lesbian: a femme.


Luis Alandy is David Limjoco, Jade’s long-time boyfriend. He is educated, proud of his humble beginnings, and is very responsible. He longed to marry Jade one day and is challenged when Jade falls for someone else.


Katrina Halili is Wila Mateo, a femme lesbian and Althea’s ex-girlfriend. She vows to hate the person who Althea falls for.


Mike Tan is Paul Tanchingco, Jade’s older brother. He is a quiet and private person. He is also protective of Jade. Paul is a discreet gay.


Chynna Ortaleza is Batchi Luna, also a proud lesbian – a butch. She acts and dresses up like a man.


Sheena Halili as Sally Lim-Apolinario, Jade’s kikay and dependable bestfriend.


And Ms. Gloria Romero as Ama/Cecilia Tanchingco, the heart of the family. She spoils all her grand children especially Jade. She doesn’t really meddle when it comes to their businesses.  After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, her life and her family’s lives become more intertwined.


Making the story more interesting are characters portrayed by multi-talented actors and actresses: Pauleen Luna as Pearl Sy-Tanchingco, Jade’s sister-in-law, married to Jade’s brother Gabriel. She is secretly jealous of her in-laws’ attention for Jade.  Paolo Contis as Anton Maceda, a guy who comes from an old rich family. He will become Jade’s fake suitor/boyfriend since he is just after the riches of the Tanchingcos; TJ Trinidad as Gabriel Tanchingco, the eldest son of Oscar and Amanda, the brother of Paul and Jade. He is being groomed and trained to lead their businesses. Gabriel will do anything for the family; Charee Pineda as Angeline San Jose, Gabriel’s real love. Gabriel left her for Pearl but she remains in love with him; Stephanie Sol as Abby Luna, Batchi’s femme live-in partner.


Completing the star-studded cast are respected TV and movie actors and actresses: Al Tantay as Oscar Tanchingco, the father of Gabriel, Paul and Jade.  He is the CEO and president of their family businesses. He treats Jade like a princess; Glydel Mercado as Amanda Tanchingco, the wife of Oscar. Oscar’s family didn’t approve of their relationship but when she gave birth to Jade, she is finally accepted and is treated as part of the family and she will do anything to keep it that way; Tony Mabesa as Angkong/John Tanchingco, the patriarch of the family. His favorite grand child is Jade and he will do everything for her.


The Rich Man’s Daughter is under the helm of the highly acclaimed director of Temptation of Wife and My Husband’s Lover, Dominic Zapata.


Don’t miss the much-awaited premiere of The Rich Man’s Daughter beginning May 12, Monday to Friday on GMA Pinoy TV.


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