Elmo Magalona and Janine Gutierrez team up in GMA’s remake of Villa Quintana

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Elmo Janine

Elmo Janine

This November, GMA Pinoy TV presents Villa Quintana, a heartwarming love story that became a phenomenal hit series in the mid-90s.  Mothers today are definitely sentimental when they reminisce the love between Isagani and Lynette, originally portrayed by Keempee de Leon and Donna Cruz.


Kapuso teen heartthrob Elmo Magalona and promising Kapuso actress Janine Gutierrez reprise the roles, driving strong anticipation among fans of the original series, reaffirming that their first team-up on-screen is one of this year’s most exciting casting coups.


As they breathe life into the characters of Isagani Samonte and Lynette Quintana, they retell a great love story in a way that best represents how sweet young love can be.  Women, young and old, would definitely fall in love once again with Villa Quintana’s triumphant celebration of love amidst challenges.


Isagani (Elmo) is the lovechild of Robert and Lumeng but will grow up knowing his father is Felix. He lives a simple life in the farm together with his parents. He eventually falls and fights for his love for Lynette. Meanwhile, Lynette (Janine) will be mistaken by Don Manolo as the child of Robert and Lumeng. Thus she grows up living a very comfortable and affluent life. She requites Isagani’s affection.  And their love for each other will once again become television’s finest romantic tale.


Villa Quintana is not only an acting piece for the new team up of Elmo and Janine but also the show’s love triangle of bankable stars: Raymart Santiago, Sunshine Dizon and Paolo Contis.


Raymart plays the role of Felix Samonte. He stood as the father of Isagani when Robert abandoned Lumeng and because he always loved Lumeng, he married her to save her from disgrace. He is a kind, understanding and patient person but he also fights for what he believes in. Paolo portrays the role ofRobert Quintana, the only son of Don Manolo and the real father of Isagani. He falls in love with Lumeng but Don Manolo is against it because Lumeng is not from a prominent and landed family.


Lumeng Samonte, the mother of Isagani is portrayed by Sunshine. Robert was her first love but she eventually married Felix. She is smart, fearless and has a strong and positive outlook in life. She focuses on possibilities rather than life’s challenges and will stand up and fight for her family and for what they rightfully deserve.


Villa Quintana is inspiring as it fulfills every woman’s aspiration for a good family life, characterized by unwavering love for each and every member.  The show also upholds every viewer’s pursuit of love and self-significance that affluence nor poverty could ever scorn.


The series is a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, their family’s tension against the brewing romance that’s driven by past hurts and offenses.  Lumeng is not in favor of the relationship because of how the Quintanas treated her when she was younger. But Isagani will continue to fight for his love for Lynette, despite his mother’s objections and while the Quintanas betroth Lynette to a young man who also comes from a wealthy and influential clan. Being educated abroad, Lynette affirms her independence and upholds her right to choose the man she loves, which results to a bitter struggle with her family, particularly her grandfather Don Manolo who is against any type of modernization.


Nothing can separate Isagani and Lynette, not even the manipulative pressures from the Quintanas.


Everything changes when Lumeng discovers a secret of the Quintanas that overturns odds, a detail from the past that affects the fate of the young couple’s love for each other.


Will the revelation affect the love between Isagani and Lynette? Or will their love for each other prevail? How will their families accept the truth?


Under the direction of Ms. Gina Alajar, the remake of the 90’s hit series Villa Quintana will not only tackle love but also family values, relationships and principles worth fighting for.


The show also stars Roy Alvarez as Don Manolo QuintanaMaricar De Mesa as StellaTanya Garciaas Amparing, Kyla as RubyMarky Lopez as ChitoJuancho Trivino as Jason and Rita de Guzman asPatrice.


 Villa Quintana premieres November 5 on GMA Pinoy TV, the flagship international channel of GMA.

For more details and program information, visit the GMA International website www.gmanetwork.com/international, Facebook pages www.facebook.com/GMAPinoyTVwww.facebook.com/gmalifetv, and,www.facebook.com/gmanewsinternational, and Twitter pages @GMAPinoyTV and @GMA_LifeTV.


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