Love our own? Love the Philippines!

February 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

I remembered when I was high school, studying in Manila.  On my everyday commute, I always pass by big factories, on my way to school.  Now it seems, that all those factories are gone.

Nowadays, I noticed that the Philippines has fewer and fewer factories, that churn out products for the mass market.  I have noticed in the labels of commodities, even the locally branded ones, it is made in another country, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, and Singapore.  Our locally branded milk is manufactured either in Thailand, New Zealand, or Germany.  Our locally branded shampoo is manufactured in Indonesia, Vietnam, or Thailand.  Our locally branded coffee is manufactured either in Indonesia or Singapore.  I am fearing that the time comes, that all of our locally branded commodities will be manufactured abroad, and not locally here in the Philippines.

We used to have multinational companies, manufacturing locally branded commodities here in the Philippines.  We used to be a major export of finished products, now it’s manpower that we are majorly exporting.  Where have all these factories gone? Why has the government done nothing, to encourage multinational companies to set up shop here, and do the manufacturing here? Why has our government not clamored for jobs, goods, and factories, to be created locally, as what America is doing now.

America has asked its multinational companies to bring back manufacturing into the United States, thereby creating jobs, goods, and factories.  They are offering tax concessions to those multinational companies, who do heed their call.  One such example of a company that heeded their call is Apple Inc.  Why can’t our government do something to attract these multinational to bring back their operations, and their factories back in the Philippines? If they are able to convince these multinational companies, then this would create jobs for thousand, if not millions of Filipinos.  We would not be too dependent on exporting our manpower, as we will need them here as well.

Sending manpower overseas to work and earn dollars for the country, at the expense of having their family torn apart, is too much to ask of the Filipinos.  Majority of these t who work overseas, have had the tragic experience of having their family broken.  They work overseas to provide for their family, in turn either taking care of someone else’s family.  They can send monetary and material needs to their family, but sometimes these monetary and material needs are not enough, as their family clamor for their presence, and love.  The Filipino is one of the few races on this planet to have close family relations.  We care for our elderly at home, we celebrate any occasion with our family.

I am imploring our government to make steps into convincing these companies to bring back their production, and their factories back in the Philippines, in order to create jobs, and opportunities for the Filipino people.  We, the Filipino should be proud and patronize Philippine made goods/products/services.  We should bring back the “Proudly Philippine Made” movement.  We should be nationalistic, like our neighbors such as Japan, and Thailand to name a few.  It’s okay to indulge in imported items from time to time, but we should make it a point to support our locally made products and services.  “Mahalin natin ang sariling atin, atin ito! Kung hindi natin ito mamahalin, sino ang magmamahal dito?” “Maging makibayan! Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bansa!” That is my parting message to the readers of this blog.


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