Political Dynasties. Is it good or bad?

February 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

Since the May 2013 elections are in a few months from now, there has been chatter on the internet, radio, and television, about political dynasties.

Some of are split with political dynasties.  Some are for it, and some are against it.  For me, I say it depends on the political dynasties agenda.  If a political dynasties agenda, is to stay in power, enrich themselves through corruption, or protect their business interest, them I am against it.  But if the political dynasties agenda is to continue the good work of the predecessor, to enrich the lives of the people it serves, and to improve the stability and integrity of its constituency, them I am for it.

Political dynasties are old news.  In the United States, political dynasties are common, run of the mill subjects.  To name a few famous political dynasties, such as the Kennedy’s, and the Bush’s.  People in the United States doesn’t have anything against these political dynasties, because they know these political dynasties, are there to be of service to the people, and not to serve themselves.

I say that we should leave it to the people, to choose either to vote for or against political dynasties, in the coming May 2013 elections.  The constituents knows better, as the outcome of the elections, and their support or their dismay with political dynasties, as it would surely affect their lives.

I say we are old enough, wise enough to think of the outcome, and how the outcome could turn for the better or worse.  I just want to call on all of us to vote.  Vote this coming May 2013 elections, and choose your votes wisely.


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