Technology and Elections, do they co-exist or should they co-exist?

February 17, 2013 — Leave a comment

In my previous blogs, I have pointed out the benefits of technology in our daily lives.  Now with this blog I am pointing out how technology can affect, the stability of the country, and also the lives of its citizen.  The advent of technology has made our lives easier.  From smartphones, which we depend not only to make calls but also to take picture and upload them to our Facebook or Instagram, to smart TV’s, which not only shows us TV shows but also allows us to surf the web, to smart appliances, such as smart fridge which not only keeps our food fresh but also informs you by sending you an SMS, when you are running low on eggs, milk, or orange juice for your next grocery shopping.

Now I am blogging about how technology can adversely affect the stability of the country, and affect our lives as well.  The 2013 election is coming.  This election is where we vote for Congressmen, Senator, and local officials, who would be the ones coming up with laws, and pass bills, which would either make our lives easier or harder.  The COMELEC (Commission on Election) said they would be using AES (Automated Election System), to make the elections automated, easier, and safer.  But there has been news circulating that the AES is not yet perfected, and has flaws/bugs.  It is also touted to be hack free, but that information also seems to be false as well.  Will we be relying the future of our country, our children, our lives on this untested technology? Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the advancement of technology, and it’s benefits, but if the technology has not been tested and would affect all of our lives, then I am against it.

GOVT Watch 1That is why, I firmly believe in the advocacies of, Mr. Raul T. Concepcion, which is the GOVT Watch.  Would the use of the AES bring about clean and honest elections in the coming May 13, 2013 elections? I am asking you, readers of my blog, to send your views and comments to the details provided above.

Take your stand and show that you care! Care for yourself, your children, your future, and the country! Let us show the government, that we want to be part of the change of this country! A change for the better!

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