GOVT Watch: The advocacy of Raul T. Concepcion!

February 16, 2013 — 1 Comment

0001YOThere are entrepreneurs that become so successful, they become known as Taipans.  And when these taipans carry on business transactions, or take any action, the people, and the country pay close attention, as their actions affect the stability of the economy, and the country as well.  Usually taipans are reclusive, and keep to themselves, but there are some who know how to give back to the community, the people, and the country, through their foundations, charitable works, and through their advocacies.

One such taipan is, Mr. Raul T. Concepcion, wants to bring about positive change to the community, the people, and the country.  To those who don’t know, Mr. Raul T. Concepcion, he has many business interest including Concepcion Industries, Condura, Concepcion Durables Inc., Go Negosyo, and RFM, just to name a few.  Most of his companies employ hundreds, if not thousand of Filipinos, and believes in the Pro Philippine Made products/goods, and services.  His advocacy group was known initially as Consumer & Oil Price Watch (COPW), which is now known as GOVT Watch or

0001p6The move was made in keeping with the times. GOVT Watch chairman Raul T. Concepcion believes that as the whole nation look forward to the fulfillment of the campaign promises of President Benigno Aquino III, COPW must evolve as GOVT Watch to expand its advocacy and work as an independent oversight in support of the new administration.

COPW, for over 20 years, has championed the cause of the Filipino consumer especially in the areas of power, fuel and the prices of prime commodities.

In the pursuit of this advocacy, it has become clear that REPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT POLICIES AND A LACK OF GOOD GOVERNANCE have been the greatest cause of the Filipino consumers’ plight.

GOVT Watch, and Raul T. Concepcion’s advocacies range from Power and Energy, Fuel, Oil Prices & LPG, Transport Sector, and Basic Commodities.

His advocacies are in place to put multinational companies, government agencies, and the government itself in check.  Advocacies targeting the check on petroleum prices, energy prices, water distribution charges, transportation fares, toll fees, and election/voting systems, just to name a few.  All of of which affects the lives of millions and millions of Filipinos.  And therefore cemented Raul T. Concepcion’s desire to continue his advocacies, to help alleviate the lives of the Filipinos.


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