Grab-A-Cab, the futuristic way to call a cab!

February 15, 2013 — Leave a comment

Have you experienced taking a cab? How about taking a cab at night time? Have had the experience of the cab dropping you in the wrong place, especially during ungodly hours? Have had the experience of the driver driving you around to jack up your fare? Have had the traumatic experience of being held up by the cab driver? Or having had the experience of leaving something important behind, like your laptop, phone, or passport?

We have had one time in our lives, the unfortunate circumstances of having had experience one or all of those I mentioned above.  These unfortunate experiences cause us undue inconvenience, cause us to lose money, and require time to report.  Wished that something or someone could provide us a safer, easier, and convenient way to travel by cab? Well here in the Philippines, one company answered our prayers.  That company is Grab-A-Cab, which can be visited at  It is the first company in the Philippines, to provide a safer, easier, and more convenient way to call a cab, and travel by it.

0001T6With Grab-A-Cab’s proprietary technology, it can monitor which cab picks you up, get its information, such as the cab driver’s name, license plate number, where and when he picked you up, and what route it took to bring you to your destination.  So in case you left something important in the cab, or you feel that the cab didn’t take the direct route, or the cab driver harassed or held you up, Grab-a-Cab can file a complaint report with the cab company management or police authorities, and/or take action in recovering your valuables, in the shortest possible time.  Grab-A-Cab ensures your safety, convenience, and easiest way for you to travel by cab.  It will also inform you by calling or sending you a Text/SMS (Short Messages System), informing you which cab will pick you up, such as the cab company’s name, the cab’s plate number, and approximately how long it will arrive to your pick up location.

Grab-A-Cab is a free service for customers who wants to travel safely by cab.  It is also accepting application from cab company operators, for its proprietary technology.  For interested parties, drop us a visit at

Next time you want to travel safely by cab, call Grab-A-Cab, and it will handle the rest!


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