Bela Padilla marks her first lead role via GMA Pinoy TV’s “MAGDALENA”

October 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

There’s just no stopping Bela Padilla’s rise to stardom as she marks her first lead role via GMA Pinoy TV’s newest compelling drama MAGDALENA, set to air starting October 11.


Playing the character of the beautiful Lena, Bela seeks to display her versatility and acting prowess in this original series. She will star alongside three talented leading men who will become her love interests in the series: Ryan Eigenmann as Baron, a rich businessman who will force Lena into his illegal business; Dion Ignacio as Abel, Lena’s first and true love; and Pancho Magno as Jet, an aspiring model who will help Lena to get back on her feet but will fall in love with her.


Joining them are veteran actors Maria Isabel Lopez as HulingSharmaine Arnaiz as Chato;Irma Adlawan as LudingAlan Paule as Dolpo; and Deborah Sun as Celya.


Completing the cast are Pauleen Luna as CarolLexi Fernandez as FatimaCharizze Solomonas Ms RoxyBoddie Cruz as DeoPrince Stefan as IceVivo Ouano as ObetAlvin Aragon asRakiMayton Eugenio as DessaVia Antonio as Siony; Chuckie Dreyfuss as Kuya BenTess Bomb as Leandra; and Mercedes Cabral as Kim.


Magdalena tells the story of Lena, a simple girl who works hard to support her family. Aside from her pure heart, men are often smitten with Lena’s natural beauty. But Lena is already in love with her childhood friend Abel, whom she also considers as her first love.


However, Lena’s mother Luding is against her relationship with Abel. Luding wants Lena to marry Baron, a wealthy guy from Manila. Luding and her husband Dolpo think that Lena’s marriage to Baron will save them from their dire living condition.


Luding hatches a plan to destroy Lena and Abel’s romance. Left with no choice but to obey her parents’ will, Lena dumps Abel. Baron brings Lena to Manila with the promise to marry her.


But Lena’s nightmares are far from over because Baron will just use her for his illegal business. He will turn her to an escort girl. Lena’s world is shattered and her dream of a better life crumbles. Despite her desire to escape Baron, Lena is not ready to face Abel and her family.


How long can Lena tolerate Baron’s evil ways? Will she find the courage to escape from him? And what will Lena do if her secret is finally revealed? Who among Abel, Baron and Jet will win Lena’s heart in the end?


With Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan as headwriter, Magdalena is based on the Pilipino Komics“Kukulayan Ko Ang Langit” written by RJ Nuevas.


Under the helm of seasoned actress and TV director Gina Alajar, Magdalena premieres October 11 on GMA Pinoy TV. For more details on the show, visit


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