Bianca King and Heart Evangelista take centerstage in Luna Blanca’s third book

September 6, 2012 — Leave a comment
Luna Blanca Book 3

Luna Blanca Book 3

Beginning September 12, Kapuso prime actresses Bianca King and Heart Evangelista headline GMA Pinoy TV’soriginal drama, Luna Blanca, as they breathe life to the adult characters in the story’s third generation.


As the series enters its third book, Bianca as the dark-skinned Luna and Heart as the fair-skinned Blanca will continue the journey of the twin sisters in discovering their ancestry and, at the same time, fulfilling their personal destinies.


In this generation, Luna and Blanca’s relationship will be tested after being trapped in a love triangle with Joaquin, whose character will be portrayed by Mark Herras. The sisters are in love with the same man, but Joaquin is smitten with Blanca from the moment he laid eyes on her.


The sisters continue to live separate lives. Blanca stays with Luis and endures Divine’s ill-treatment, while Luna takes care of Rowena who is now under the spell of Devolas/Diego.


How will the separate lives of Luna and Blanca affect their relationship? When the time comes and their paths cross again, will the sisters be able to reconnect with each other? Now that Joaquin is back, will Blanca find the strength to fight for their love without hurting Luna? How much is Blanca willing to sacrifice for Luna’s happiness?


Will Luis be able to save Rowena from the hands of Devolas and Divine? Will Luis and Rowena succeed in having a second chance at life and love?


Playing equally important roles in the last phase of the series are the characters associated with Luna and Blanca including seasoned actor Christopher de Leon as Luis, drama actress Lani Mercado as Rowena, Carmi Martin as Divine, Carlos Morales as Devolas.


Under the direction of Dominic Zapata, catch Heart Evangelista and Bianca King in Luna Blanca on GMA Pinoy TV.


Get the latest updates about Luna Blanca from the GMA International website ( and the show’s official facebook page ( and twitter account (


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