Barbie Forteza and Bea Binene step into the world of Luna Blanca

July 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

Barbie Forteza

After taking viewers into the magical and colorful world of the mystical twin sisters Luna and Blanca during their childhood years, the Kapuso series now enters its second book with the introduction of the teen characters in GMA Pinoy TV’s first multigenerational drama,Luna Blanca.


As the characters of Jillian Ward and Mona Louise Rey in the first generation come to an end, Luna Blanca welcomes the teen personalities who will play the covered roles of Luna and Blanca in the second generation, two of the most popular Tween stars of the Kapuso Network, Barbie Forteza and Bea Binene.


Bea Binene

Bea as the dark-skinned Luna and Barbie as the fair-skinned Blanca now continue the journey of the twin sisters as they enter their adolescent years. In this generation, Luna and Blanca will not only hurdle the distance between their separate lives but also become more deeply involved in dealing with love and their relationship with family and friends.


Adding more color to Bea and Barbie’s lives in the story are the characters of Derrick Monasterio and Kristoffer Martin. Derrick plays the role of Kiko, the boy from the slum community in Payatas who will become close friends with Blanca. They will grow up together and Kiko will develop special feelings for Blanca. Though he is jealous of Blanca and Joaquin’s closeness, he will do everything to win her heart.


Kristoffer is Joaquin/Aki, a popular singer who becomes Luna’s defender and confidant. He is Divine’s brother but unlike her who despises Luna, Aki would always protect and look after her. Luna secretly loves him but his heart belongs to Blanca. Joaquin’s relationship with Luna and Blanca threatens to cause a rift between the twin sisters.


Joining the second generation are the new characters associated with Luna and Blanca including seasoned actress and TV director Gina Alajar as NidaDonya Consuelo’s helper who will adopt Luna and raise her as her own daughter; Allan Paule as Crispin, Nida’s husband and Donya Consuelo’s driver; Yassi Pressman as Kate, Joaquin’s singing partner; Ryza Cenon as Ashley, Divine and Joaquin’s sister.


Playing equally vital roles are Raymart Santiago as Luis, Camille Pratts as RowenaChynna Ortaleza as DivineMarissa Delgadoas Doña Consuelo,; and Buboy Villar as Samboy, the son of Nida and Crispin.


How will the separate lives of Luna and Blanca affect their relationship? When the time comes and their paths cross again, will the sisters be able to reconnect with each other? What will be Rowena’s reaction when she finds out that Luis already married Divine? Will Joaquin’s admiration for Blanca destroy the relationship of the twin sisters?


Under the direction of Dominic Zapata, witness how Barbie Forteza and Bea Binene begin their journey towards discovering their identities, family ties as well as their first loves and first heartbreaks in Luna Blanca on GMA Pinoy TV. Call your preferred pay TV provider now to subscribe.


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