Love and Disguise begin on March 3 on GMA Pinoy TV’s MY LOVER, MY WIFE

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My Lover, My Wife

This March, GMA Pinoy TV brings to television a heart-melting story on how humble love could be trampled upon by selfishness and pretense.

Nadine Samonte, Marco Alacaraz, Luis Alandy, and Maxene Magalona

MY LOVER, MY WIFE, which premieres March 3 on GMA Pinoy TV, tells of two women immersed in the tricky world of beauty and cosmetic industry. One is deprived of many things in life; the other always gets what she wants.

After Trudis Liit, Maxene Magalona comes back to drama as she plays Vivian, a hard-working receptionist in a medical company. Vivian loves a man wholeheartedly and later falls victim to the pretenses of the people around her. Meanwhile, Nadine Samonte takes on another villain role as she did in the drama series Endless Love. She stars as April, a young cosmetic surgeon and daughter of the most famous cosmetic surgeon in the country.

Nadine Samonte, Luis Alandy, and Maxene Magalona

Joining the two beauties are Kapuso hunk actors Luis Alandy and Marco Alcaraz. Luis is Vivian’s husband, Lawrence, while Marco is Arthur, the object of both Vivian and April’s love.

The story begins with Vivian (Maxene) falling in love with Arthur (Marco), a medical student. Everything seems perfect until Arthur leaves to study abroad and eventually, stops communicating with her. Although this leaves Vivian devastated and embittered, she continues to love Arthur deep within.

Nadine Samonte and Marco Alacaraz

After college, Vivian starts working in a medical company that specializes in cosmetic surgery. There, she sees Arthur again and feels hopeful that they could still be together. To her dismay, Arthur is already married to April (Nadine). She then tries to forget the object of her love and finds a diversion when she meets a medical representative named Lawrence (Luis). The whirlwind romance ends up in marriage.

It becomes apparent to Lawrence that Vivian only married him to forget Arthur. He begins to ill-treat his wife and hurt her further by befriending Arthur and April. Vivian, on the other hand, pretends to be happy and tries to endure her hell-like marriage for the sake of her child.

After some time, Arthur finds out that his wife is cheating and he indirectly gets involved in the death of April’s other man. April convinces Arthur to hide from authorities for fear that her reputation could be dragged down if people knew the whole story.

Maxene Magalona and Luis Alandy

With the help of Vivian’s husband, Arthur gets away but meets a deadly accident that kills Lawrence. He, on the other hand, survives with his face burned beyond recognition. When he wakes up, he finds out that April changed his face to Lawrence’s to keep him from being caught.

What happens now that Vivian’s true love assumes the identity of her unloving and abusive husband? Will she recognize him despite the face that conceals his true identity? Who, between Vivian and April, is Arthur’s mistress and who deserves to be called his wife now that he lives his life as Lawrence?

Follow this story of how a man’s wife is also his mistress, as brought about by technology, pretension, and circumstances. More significantly, witness how a broken heart is mended by disguise and, probably, by the same love that shattered it before.

Nadine Samonte, Luis Alandy, and Maxene Magalona

Completing the cast of MY LOVER, MY WIFE are Carmi Martin as Ms. Charity, the most sought-after cosmetic surgeon and mother of April; Ernie Garcia as Ramon, Vivian’s father; Maybelline Dela Cruz as Ellen, Vivian’s older sister; Princess Snell as Hazel, April’s friend; Rox Montealegre as Lyka, Vivian’s workmate; Jace Flores as Cesar, Lawrence’s friend; and Syrael Jester as Nicolo, Lawrence and Vivian’s son.

Directed by Jay Altarejos and written by Suzette Doctolero, MY LOVER, MY WIFE premieres in North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East on March 3 only on GMA Pinoy TV. Call your preferred pay TV operator now to subscribe.



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