Fashion focus with love and hope

December 1, 2010 — 1 Comment

L plus H Fashion is a small private knitwear company with 80 employees, based in Tuen Mun.

As a social enterprise, it has what is known as a “double bottom line.” It makes a profit, and works hard on quality control, staff productivity and training.

But its owners are also focused on doing good.

They founded the business in December 2008 to try to bring some manufacturing jobs back to Hong Kong, and they make a particular point of hiring disadvantaged people.

This goes against the trend started in the 1980s, when most of our clothing industry moved to the mainland in search of lower production costs.

They have deliberately set out to revive a local garment industry that encourages collaboration among designers and technical people, as well as the workforce and entrepreneurs. It is a creative business model in every sense, based on “love and hope.”L plus H turns out only 10,000 pieces a month – a tiny fraction of the volume in most mainland factories. However, the owners’ mission is to keep the “Made in Hong Kong” and “Designed in Hong Kong” labels alive.

Hong Kong design has rightly made a name for itself in such areas as electronics, consumer goods and accessories, and of course in cultural sectors including film production and animation.

It is good to see that some of our earliest creative strengths – textiles and fashion – remain with us, are still profitable and are being manufactured with a view to benefiting society. Bernard Charnwut Chan, chairman of the Antiquities Advisory Board, sees culture from all perspectives.



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