New, creepy creatures out to bring the scare in ‘SRR XII’

November 25, 2010 — Leave a comment

Every Shake, Rattle and Roll film is much awaited not just for its heart-pounding scenes and scream-your-heart-out suspense, but also for its scary, interesting creatures.


In SRR XII, the latest installment of the horror-suspense thriller, Regal Films introduces creepy and horrifying creatures that are out to bring the scare on the big screen.

“We take pride in coming up with really scary creatures for every ‘SRR’ trilogy,” said producer Roselle Monteverde-Teo. “These creatures are what most audiences remember. They will frighten you and make you scream inside the theaters.”

A wicked doll will terrorize movie-goers in Mamaynika, about an orphaned girl who gets a doll that turns out to be evil and kills people. Actor Zoren Legaspi marks his big screen directorial debut in the episode that stars Shaina Magdayao and Ricky Davao.

Small, evil fairies called lambana will scare local tourists in Isla Engkanto, which challenged director Topel Lee to combine fantasy and horror. Leading the cast are two of today’s talented and brightest young stars – Andi Eigenmann and Rayver Cruz, with John Lapus and Regine Angeles.

A new breed of aswangs is out to frighten audiences in Punerarya, where dead bodies become meals in a sinister funeral parlor. At the helm of the episode is Jerrold Tarog, with stars Sid Lucero, Carla AbellanaMart Escudero and child actor Nash Aguas.

SRR XII is part of the 50th anniversary offering of Regal this year. The film is also an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

Since SRR is the most-anticipated entry in the annual film festival, Mother Lily Monteverde assures this latest trilogy is the most expensive in the entire franchise of the popular horror-suspense series.

“We make it a point to make every SRR film different from the previous ones,” Mother Lily said. “That’s why the audience remembers most of the episodes. We want to give them a good scare during the holiday season.”

Shake, Rattle and Roll XII opens in theaters nationwide on December 25. Text courtesy of Regal Entertainment Inc.


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