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The Philippine Consulate General wishes to inform the Filipino community in Hong Kong that, in pursuit of its mandate to primarily detect, monitor and investigate cases of trafficking in persons occurring at the international airports and seaports within the Philippine jurisdiction, as provided for by RA 9208 titled “the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003”, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) is enforcing strict departure formalities for outbound Filipino travelers.

In its Memorandum Circular No. RPL-10-004 dated 09 August 2010, the Bureau of Immigration may regulate the individual right to travel whenever there is a reasonable detection of a trafficking situation by immigration officers and personnel. For brevity and clarity, a detected Filipino international traveler shall be disallowed to depart on either of the following categories: 1) undocumented 2) improperly documented 3) incompletely documented.

To determine whether a trafficking situation is occurring, Filipino travelers intending to go to a foreign country with temporary visitor/tourist visas are assessed by the immigration officer on the totality of their circumstances, including their personal capacity to travel, such as appearance, demeanor, current employment, financial capability, etc., at the time they present themselves for departure formalities.

In cases where the travel is not shouldered in the traveler’s personal capacity, it is usually claimed that it is shouldered by another person. If the visa indicates that there is a sponsor, the relationship or reason for the sponsorship is assessed. If it is readily ascertainable that the sponsor is a relative and it is shown that the sponsor is at the place of destination, the next matter to be assessed is the capacity of the sponsor (e.g., work or employment in the place of destination).

Many Filipino travelers who cannot show either their personal capacity or that of their sponsor to shoulder the costs of the trip often present an authenticated affidavit of support and/or guarantee by their sponsoring relative or friend who are residing or working in the country they are traveling to. The affidavit of support is not necessarily a requirement of the Bureau of Immigration and does not guarantee being cleared for departure because it still has to be assessed by the immigration officer.

In light of these developments, the Philippine Consulate General encourages the Filipino community in Hong Kong to properly advise relatives and friends who want to visit them here of the Bureau of Immigration’s departure regulations and undertake the necessary preparations to avoid undue inconvenience.




    We’re traveling to China next week but we are seriously reconsidering it because of stories of how degrading the chinese immigration is to our women in tune with the drug smuggling issues. They probe anuses, etc… Is there any truth to these stories?


      Dear MC,

      Firstly, have you already secured China Visas for you and your traveling companions? Remember to bring enough money for your trip, in case they would ask for show money, and have credit/atm/bank cards ready, in case you don’t plan to bring too much cash. It’s not only because of the drug smuggling issues, some of our alleged “women,” especially those who are “Pocahontas,” have been using China, especially Shenzhen as an exit point from Hong Kong, and ply their trade there, which after a certain period they go back to Hong Kong or Macau, to ply their trade there as well. And the Chinese authorities now knows about it. So they are particularly cautious if out “women” are traveling alone, or are dressed inappropriately. We cannot blame the Chinese authorities, the cause of all this is because of the rampart flesh trade, and it is just unfortunate for us (regular travelers/tourist), that we are scrutinized as well.

      There is absolutely no truth to these stories. As long as you are not doing anything illegal, and you act in a calm and proper manner, and as long as your travel documents are in order. I don’t think the Chinese authorities would do such a thing. Also if you are a family, I suggest you give all of your travel documents together. They usually suspect women, men, children, traveling by themselves.

      I do hope you have a pleasant and fruitful trip, without being hassled by the Chinese authorities. If you like, you could check out my travel blogs of the different places I have been to China, so at least you would have an idea, as to where to go to.


    Been also one who experienced some Disappoitments to H.K Immigration in the Airport, Why? Me & my Girl Best Friend was hold & was questioned by them. I just show them my Legitimate Papers for 4 days visit at H.K. for a vacation. Many of us being hold are holding a Philippine Passport/s.


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Greetings from Abu Dhabi!

    I saw the article from The National Newspaper in UAE, posted about “Vice President Binay’s “ report to be submitted to our President about Filipinos leaving the country via “Tourist Visa”

    I would like to ask your assistance about my husband who was not allowed to leave our country yesterday morning (November 4th, Gulf Air flight leaving Manila at 11:25am)

    In short po, na Off-Load po siya.

    He has a Tourist Visa and an Affidavit of Sponsorship by his nephew who is also working here in Abu Dhabi. I didn’t know that he was going to come – we are going thru a marital problem right now.

    Galing na po siya dito- 2 times tourist visa pero nakahanap ng work pero he’s registered na po sa OWWA.

    1st time – he left Abu Dhabi kasi po nag retrench ang Company
    2nd time- He left Abu Dhabi as he is needs to recover from his Knee Surgery at nagkaroon kami ng problema kaya siya umuwi sa Pinas.
    3rd time- Yesterday the interrogator told him to complete his papers ( Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC and proof that he is
    capable to travel) which he questioned since he is leaving with a valid Tourist Visa to Abu Dhabi and he has a valid Affidavit of

    We’re trying to sort out our problem as husband and Wife. He was supposed to Surprise me but unfortunately siya yung na-surprise.

    He tried to ask the name of the person interrogating him but refused to give and everybody in the that room doesn’t want to give any information about this man ( Lalaki po siya Maliit , maputi na medyo malaki po ang mata). The guy is very arrogant!

    After this man ordered to “OFF LOAD” his luggage, my husband left the office and just right outside the interrogation room, the security guard asked if my husband have 20K and everything will be ok.

    I went to our Embassy yesterday, I took an Affidavit of Sponsorship under my name , the Vice Consul (Norman Padalhin) was very helpful , waived even the charges of the document and was released ASAP . Sent all the documents (My company contract, Tenancy Contract under my name, affidavit of Sponsorhip, marriage contract, business card po ni Vice Consul with his personal CP number) to my husband, rebooked his flight for this coming Sunday again same flight (additional gastos na naman) and did not work for the whole day even if we were very busy for the Formula One Grand Prix here in Abu Dhabi. Umuwi na lang ng bulacan husband ko , another gastos for the transportation.

    I am so frustrated with how our Immigration works!

    I would like to request for an assistance na sana it will not happen again this Sunday para ma resolve na po namin ang problema po naming mag-asawa.

    Sino po ba ang puede kong ma contact?

    Maraming Salamat po!

    Warm regards,
    Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.
    Ruby Baggao
    Director of Meeting & Events
    T: +971 2 656 2000, D: +971 2 656 2450
    F: +971 2 656 2515

    Radisson Blu Hotel and Park Inn P.O. Box 93725, Yas Island Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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