How to make a tragic wrong right

August 27, 2010 — Leave a comment

This blog that I am writing is in connection with my previous blog, ” A Tragic and Sad Incident.”  This is my personal view on this subject matter.

What transpired last Monday August the 23rd, was indeed a tragic and sad incident, which we pray would have not happened.  8 people lost their life, while 12 were wounded, physically and emotionally.  All this is because of the action of one man, Rolando Mendoza.  A police captain, who was sacked because of the actions of his subordinates.  He was charged with corruption, grave threats, etc.  He wanted to be reinstated in his prior position, which he said, was why he took the tourist bus, and the tourist inside as hostages.

There have been a lot of blogs, posts, letters, and comments from all parts of the world.  Some are of hatred, some of apology, some asking for understanding, and some of reconciliation.  Some criticize the actions on the Manila Police Department, and its SWAT team.  There are also sporadic memorial services to be held on behalf of the deceased and their families.

As I see it, we cannot point fingers as to what happened.  I know that there were blunders made during the incident, but what if we were the ones who would do the rescuing, would we fare any better? We were watching the news in the comfort of our homes, offices, bars, etc.  Will we be able to think of what to do, if we were actually there? It is so easy to talk the talk, but can we walk the walk? Some say no need to negotiate, just shoot the hostage taker, while some say negotiate first, then shoot later.   Remember, each actions would have repercussions.

Let’s say the tables were turned.  Let say, Mr. Mendoza, was shot without the chance of negotiation.  What would be the reaction of the world? Will the MPD, be praised for its decisive action? Or lambasted as to why it didn’t give, Mr. Mendoza, the chance to negotiate? Will the Catholic Church lecture the MPD for their action? What about the rest of the world? Will the MPD get any pat on the back? All I see here is the saying, damn if you do, and damn if you don’t.

All I can say is, please stop the bickering, blaming, and finger pointing.  What’s done is done, and we cannot do anything about it anymore, except to respect and pray for the souls of those who perished.  We can only offer prayers, support, and comfort to the family of the deceased.  I think that is the most important thing we could do now.  Please do not blame anyone, as the one responsible is already dead.  Also please do not sow hatred to us Filipinos, as the action of one man, is not the action of a country, and its people.  Do not blame us for the mistake of one man.

I do hope that there would be more understanding, more forgiveness, and more love in this world.

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