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Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Head Office

This time I am going to blog about my second home, Hong Kong! This is where I have been living for the past 17 years of my life.  And boy what a long time that is.  What can I say about Hong Kong? Hmmm? Well to tell you the truth, I have had a lot of memorable experiences here.  A lot of family, friends, and relatives, have come to visit my second home, to see what it has to offer.  If I am available, I give them the grand tour, something a tour you book at the hotel doesn’t give you.  But I usually choose the adventures, based on who I am tour guiding, if it is a younger generation, then it’s off to the theme parks, such as Ocean Park Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Disneyland; if it’s the middle generation, then shopping malls would be the walk of the day; and if it’s the older ones, I usually take a slow pace, and visit historical landmarks, and museums.

Giant Panda

Well, let’s start with Ocean Park Hong Kong.  This humongous theme park as the name implies, is dedicated to the marine animals, but they also have a lot of land animals to offer.  They also have an awesome variety of thrill rides, such as The Dragon (roller coaster), Crazy Galleon, The Abyss, The Eagle, Raging River (water log ride), and a lot more. The park is split into two sections, the Highlands, and the Lowlands, which is in fact two mountains, to get from one section to another, there are two options

Red Panda

you could take, either you ride the Cable Car, or take the new Ocean Express ride, which is like a thrill ride in itself.   Let us begin at the Lowland section, here you can find the Hot Air Balloon ride, at the Sky Fair, wherein you ride a giant hot air balloon. Also there are circus performances here as well, with a specific schedule.  Then we proceed to the 3 A’s, the Amazing Asian Animals, where they feature all of Asia’s unique animal biodiversity, here you can find the Giant Pandas, the Red Pandas, the

Chinese Giant Salamander

Giant Salamander, the Chinese Alligator, the Otters, and terrapins.  Plus they have also a collection of Gold Fish varieties, which is aptly named Gold Fish Treasures, and history of how the Gold Fish came about.  You can alsofind in the Lowland the Bird Theatre, wherein they have a show, featuring all of the majestic birds in the animal kingdom.  They also have a showcase of beautiful bird species.  Then there is Whiskers Harbour, which is specifically made for the children.  Here you can find

amusement rides, such as Merry Go Round; Balloon Up, Up, and Away; Frog Hopper, and many more.    Let’s head to the High Lands now.  Hmmm? Which one do you want to take to the High Lands? The Cable Car or The Ocean Express, each one offer an adventure of its own.  The Cable Car affords you view of the ocean, the mountains, and a general view of the Lowlands, while The Ocean Express, offer you an immersive ride, as if you are traveling by sub.  So which one do you pick?

Pacific Pier

Welcome to the High Lands, wherein you can see, experience, and learn about the oceans magnificent creatures.  Let us start with Pacific Pier, here we would see the magnificent seals, and sea lions.  One can also experience first hand to feed a seal or sea lion, as they offer a feeding time, wherein one can feed a seal or sea lion, for a minimal cost.  You can see how they gracefully swim underwater.  Next on the agenda is the Ocean Park Tower, this offers you a leisurely scenic ride, as the tower rises off the ground to

Atoll Reef

offeryou a spectacular view of the whole Ocean Park, and surrounding places.  Now, we head off to the Atoll Reef, which features varieties of fishes, rays, sharks, and turtles. Atoll Reef, shows the diversity of marine animals living in four levels of the ocean, from the shallows to the deep.  There is also the Ocean Theatre, where in dolphins, and seals perform for a massive crowd.  Here the interact with trainers, and guests.  There is a story to the show, which currently features Sea Dreams.  We also

Resting White Tip Reef Shark

see here the Sea Jelly Spectacular, showcasing the varieties of beautiful, and dangerous sea jelly’s as well.  We head off to the thrill rides now.  First on the agenda, is the Giant Ferris Wheel, then the Flying Swing, thenThe Dragon (roller coaster), then Crazy Galleon, then The Abyss (recommended for the thrill seekers), and then The Eagle.  This completes our Highland adventures, now we head of to the Tai Shue Wan Entrance/Exit.  We need to take the escalator going down.  This escalator used to hold the record being the longest outdoor escalator in the world, which has been beaten by the Central-Mid Level escalator, located in Central.  Upon reaching Tai Shue Wan, we can see the Flamingo Pond, and visit The Aviary as well.  This concludes our Ocean Park Hong Kong adventure.

Disney Train at Sunny Bay Station

Now we move on to Hong Kong Disneyland.  From the Hong Kong Station in Central, you have to take the Tung Chung Line, then upon reaching Sunny Bay Station, transfer to the Disney Train, which will take you to Hong Kong Disneyland Station.  Upon reaching exiting Hong Kong Disneyland Station, you will see a giant welcome sign, welcoming you to Hong Kong Disney Resort.  When you reach the center of the exterior of the park, you will see a fountain, featuring Mickey Mouse riding a big whale, you will also see Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto.  At the right side you will see the ticket counters, and after that the entrance to the theme park.  You will notice a train station above the ground, and just below it a hedge featuring the face of Mickey Mouse.  After

Woodie and Jessie of Toy Story

passing the tunnel, you will be in Main Street U.S.A. section, and you will in the centre a cottage wherein you can have your photo with Mickey Mouse or other Disney characters.  A brief walk, and a right turn, brings you to Tomorrowland, which features Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlaster ride (shooting game ride), Orbitron (space merry go round), Autopia (driving ride), Stitch Encounter, and Space Mountain (roller coaster ride).  There is also the UFO zone, if you want to get a bit wet, and cool down from the heat of the sun.  We head off to Fantasyland next.  Here you will see The Golden Mickeys (variety show), It’s a Small World (miniature ride), Madhatter Tea Cups (dizzying ride), The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (leisurely ride), Fantasy Garden (this is where you

Mickey Mouse & Us

can have your pictures taken with various Disney characters, such as Tigger, Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and many more), Cinderella Carousel (Merry Go Round), Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Merry Go Round), Sleeping Beauty Castle, and last but not the least, Mickey’sPhilharmagic, this features an immersive experience as it is in 3D, and you will feel every part of the story as you get wet, blown by air, and an assortment of sounds.  Now off to Adventureland.  Here you can find Tarzan’s Tree House, Jungle River Cruise (a must experience ride), and The Festival of the Lion King, a live musical extravaganza, depicting the story of how Simba became the Lion King.  Off course a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland is not complete if you do not experience the extravagant fireworks and musical display held at 7:30 pm.  The fireworks display is in tune with story and music.  This is a must see experience as well.

Ngong Ping Cable Car

Another must experience tourist attraction of Hong Kong is the Ngong Ping Cable Car, The Ngong Ping Village, and the Giant Buddha.  To reach Ngong Ping, first you have to take a train ride to Tung Chung Station, after a brief walk you will reach the Ngong Ping Cable Car entrance.  Buy your tickets there, and enjoy the ride and the view.  Upon reaching the end, you ill now be in Ngong Ping Village.  Then after a brief walk you

The Giant Bronze Buddha of Lantau

will be at the footsteps of the stairs of the Giant Buddha.  To reach the upper area you have to take the steps up to the foot of the Giant Buddha statue.  There are 268 steps, which will bring you to one of the five large Buddha statues in China.  You will see six smaller statues, upon reaching the top of the stairs, these six statues are called “The Offering of the Six Devas.”  The Giant Buddha is 34 metres (112 ft) tall, weighs 250 metric tons (280 short tons), and was the world’s tallest outdoor bronze seated Buddha prior to 2007.  It reputedly can even be seen from as far away as Macau on a clear day.  I will bog about my Macau adventures soon, so watch out.

A visit to Hong Kong would not be compete,

View from The Peak at night

without visiting The Peak.  The Peak, is Hong Kong’s most popular attraction which offers more than just stunning vistas or great shopping and dining.  To get to The Peak, you could either walk, or take a taxi to The Peak Tram Station Lower Terminus at Garden Road., Central.  The lower terminus offer a brief history of how The Peak Tram came to be.  The Peak Tram travels at an incline of 45 degrees or more, so better hold on to your seats.  Upon reaching the top, you will be welcomed

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

by shops offering memorabilia’s of Hong Kong, and The Peak.  These shops also offers for sale Chinese costumes, and T-shirts.  There are a number of attractions at The Peak, one of which is the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, the famous wax museum featuring famous wax replicas of celebrities.  Another attraction is the Sky Terrace, which offer you a view of Hong Kong, it would be better if you visit this place on a clear night, as the views would be stunning at night.  Then there are various cafes, shops, and restaurants, one of which is the famous Bubba Gump Shrimp Company & Market, this was made famous by the Forrest Gump movie.  The restaurant also offer souvenirs for sale, so you could take home some of your Hong Kong experience.

Also you could try the R66 Revolving Restaurant in Hopewell Centre, located in Wanchai. And Lan Kwai Fong, which is located in Central.  This concludes this part of my blog.  Till next time.  So do watch out!


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