Exotic Thailand

May 29, 2010 — Leave a comment

Dolphin World in Safari World Bangkok

Sawasdee! We have been to Bangkok, Thailand a couple of times already.  What we love about this place, is that people you would see, would have a ready smile on their face.  We have been always warned not to take the Tuk Tuk in Thailand, as they are most of the time unreliable.  But we love coming to this place, the food is great, the people are hospitable and smiling, the shops and bargains abound, plus the relaxing traditional Thai massage.  Plus it is not so expensive here, the prices are just like back in my homeland, the Philippines.

Lions feeding

Among one of our trips to Bangkok, we visited the The Safari World Bangkok.  As both me and my son are avid animal lovers, we made sure we visited this safari theme park.  We saw a lot of animals here.  There were Lions, Tigers, Ligers (Lion-Tiger breed), deers, giraffes, camels, etc.  The fun thing is you ride a bus, and the bus strolls along an open type safari, wherein sometimes the animals come close to the bus.  The scary thing was when the bus stopped at the Lion and

Tiger’s Pride

Tiger area, while they were feeding.  Besides a safari, this theme park also has a marine park, a stunt attraction show, and many more.  In the marine park, there is a performance by a member of the whale family, not a dolphin, but a real whale.  Also there is the Polar Bear.  The stunt attraction show is like a live action movie, where you feel and hear everything, like you are part of the movie.  The is also the Sofa Gardens.

Aquarium Car

Another good place to see is at the basement of Siam Paragon, a massive shopping complex, which houses the Siam Ocean World, billed as the largest aquarium in South East Asia.  This is like Ocean Park Hong Kong for Hong Kong, and Manila Ocean Park for the Philippines.  This houses marine animals such as penguins, Giant Spider Crabs, and Grey Nurse Shark, just to name a few.  It also has a “car aquarium,” where in a car was turned into a giant aquarium for fresh water fishes.  Plus after you finish, you could go shopping, or have a bite in the shopping mall complex.  A must see for every animal lover.


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